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VIDEO: President Trump trolls liberal weenies with a hilarious video. “They just didn’t get it, but they do now!”

By far the most entertaining part of the 2016 presidential election was the reaction of liberal weenies from sea to shining sea as the election returns continued to come in and continued, state by state, to break their bleeding hearts as Americans voted overwhelmingly to Make America Great Again.

Donna Brazile rats on Hitlery, proving she rigged the 2016 election in her new book, excerpted below: “I had found my proof and it broke my heart.”

The DNC was broke, so Hillary lent it just enough money to keep it afloat, demanding control of the organization and its resources. She then began to use it as a fundraising arm of her campaign, raking in huge amounts of money for herself, all the while keeping the DNC on a “starvation diet.”

Voter fraud? No such thing, right? Ten Democrat counties in California had more registered voters than there were adults in the county

There is a reason that the only ones screaming for no voter ID are Democrats. They couldn’t win an election without cheating.

FBI: “We were right on the edge of Constitutional legality” on Election Day, monitoring social media for dirt to support the Russian fairy tale

The FBI is admitting that they were walking a fine line between legal and illegal on Election Day, monitoring social media, scanning for what appears to be dirt to support the Russian collusion fairy tale.

BREAKING! Collusion revealed between media and DOJ to kill the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting story. Mainstream media not interested

We are truly living in Bizarroworld. While the mainstream media screams for more anythingburger on the Russian fairy tale, a story is developing of REAL collusion between the Department of Justice and the mainstream media to kill, or at least suppress, the potentially very illegal meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix.

VIDEO: Trump won the election because We the People are stupid, old, white, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic racists, according to CNN

To a man of his superior genius, the answer is easy. The reason President Trump is in the White House today is because We the People who elected him are STUPID! That’s it! We are uneducated rednecks by Zakaria’s estimation, as well as sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic racists.

HuffPo tweet claiming Hitlery had a 98.2% probability of winning the election has disappeared. An accident, I’m sure. Right?

Huffington Post’s tweet the day before the 2016 presidential election predicting that Hitlery Clinton would defeat Republican Donald Trump has disappeared. Vanished! Surely it is an accident that will be corrected in short order. Amirite?

VIDEO: For all the liberal weenies who email me to whine that Donald Trump “is not my President,” THIS bud is for you. Enjoy!

Since this bud of truth and historical fact is firmly in the history books, this bud’s for you! You’re welcome.

VIDEO: Jake Tapper wants to know if there is a smug libreral problem. So, who does he ask? Why, a smug liberal, of course

Samantha Bee has become the poster girl for the liberal left. She was asked in a recent interview with Jake Tapper the burning question that inquiring minds want to know…. “Is there a smug liberal problem?” After smugly dodging the […]

President Trump’s personal attorney is suing BuzzFeed for publishing bare-faced lies about him

And what do we hear from the mainstream media? “When is Trump going to be impeached because Russia?” “Mr. Trump, do you regret your corrupt dealings with Putin?” “Mr. Trump, when are you going to come clean and answer the Russia questions?

FBI Director James Comey has been asked to testify before Congress on the myth that the Russians hacked our election

FBI Director James Comey and key individuals from the intelligence community have been “invited” to testify before Congress later this month on the Russians meddling in the November election.

Democrats working overtime attempting to throw out our electoral college voting system and replace it with the popular vote. It will never happen. Here is why….

Hitlery spent most of her time in bed or passing out on sidewalks. Donald Trump won the electoral college because he designed his campaign to do just that.

VIDEO: The dying gasps of the Democrat Party. Joe Biden tries to certify the electoral vote, but assclown Democrats keep objecting, as Paul Ryan cracks up

Rep. Maxine Waters then rose and addressed the august body, demanding, “is there one United States senator who would join me in this letter!?” causing Paul Ryan to laugh uncontrollably.

Hitlery loses a third of the electors in Washington State. One elector chose Faith Spotted Eagle over the Wicked Witch of Benghazi. Not kidding!

Of Washington’s 12 electors, 8 voted for Clinton, 3 voted for Colin Powell, and 1 voted for Faith Spotted Eagle. I know, I cracked up too!

BREAKING! Anticipating trouble tomorrow as electors cast their votes for Trump, each Pennsylvania elector has been assigned a plainclothes State Trooper for protection

One Pennsylvania elector says he “estimates he receives 3,000 to 5,000 emails, letters, and phone calls A DAY from as far away as France, Germany, and Australia.”

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