By Thomas Madison

Get ready, folks! This is going to make you angry enough to send your fist through the monitor. I got so mad my ass wanted to chew tobacco! The total arrogance of the GOP and RNC is on full display in this incredible four-minute video.

In a CNBC interview, trying to make sense of the GOP primary process, news anchor Rebecca Quick (Thanks for the correction, Mary Lou Neufer!) interviewed an arrogant moron and Mafia GOP soldier by the name of Curly (I kid you not, his name is Curly. Gnuk, gnuk, gnuk!), a long time member of the RNC Standing Rules Committee (go figure).

Watch as Rebecca runs a logical buzz saw across this parasite’s head, beginning around the 2:20 mark….

Rebecca: Curly, let me ask you, if Donald Trump heads into the nomination, maybe he’s short of the 1,237 required, if you give it to someone who has a much lesser percentage of the voters who have actually turned out for these primaries, don’t you worry that you are going to just send chaos and anger into the Trump supporters, into the people who feel like their votes don’t matter?

Curly: No, I don’t think that’s the case once it’s, it’s, you know, if it would just be understood, we have a problem with the media, gnuk, gnuk. Unfortunately, the cable networks are trying to determine on how….

Rebecca: I don’t think this is a problem with the media. I’ve heard from a lot of voters (Curly throws in a few gnuks) who say if they feel like their votes got stolen, that they would be very unhappy and very angry. I think you are looking at a different situation. I realize these have been the rules, but these last time these rules were put in place in was 1976. It’s been a long time since then.

Curly: Yeah, and they’re still there. Yeah, that’s the problem. The media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination, and that’s the concept, that’s the conflict here. The question is….

Rebecca: We feel like we live in a Democratic society. What you’re telling me is it’s not a Democratic society and your votes don’t necessarily matter because it’s a Democratic representation, correct?

Curly: No, that’s not what I’m trying to say. What I’m trying to say is that there’s a…. we’re just one of the political parties. There’s many political parties. The political parties choose their nominee, not the general public, uh, contrary to popular belief. Gnuk, gnuk, gnuk.

Rebecca: Then why bother holding a primary?

Curly: Uh, that’s a very good question.

This is where the CNBC panel completely loses it and starts cackling and howling.

Curly’s final response,”Uh, that’s a very good question,” says it all. Translaton: “I have no idea. You commoners out there are meaningless. So I agree, why bother holding a primary, or even an election, for that matter?”

Curly and the other assclowns at the RNC still don’t get it! You can nominate Charles Manson if you want, Curly, but it will be a waste of your time and money, and make you look like fools, and after two humiliating losses against the most beatable opponent to run for president since Pat Paulson, I would think you would be much more careful. Hell, dig up John McCain, and run him again! The purpose of a primary is to get feedback from the people, the voters, the ones who used to actually matter.

I’m sorry, Curly, but not only are you an arrogant moron, you and the all the other entitled elite at the RNC/GOP are also completely out of touch with reality. We the People will decide who we want as a nominee. That is OUR choice. Now, you can engineer any sort of bizarre scenario you like and try to justify not nominating a candidate with 1,190 delegates, and instead nominate a candidate with 400 delegates, or hell, none at all! The candidate with 1,190 delegates should tell you something that I thought would be obvious – he has sufficient popular support to win the general election and is your best chance to put a member of your party in the White House. Instead, you want to play fuckaround, apparently just to show the people who’s boss. Every damned one of you arrogant SOBs can be rounded up, tarred and feathered, and rode out of town on a pole. No problem! We the People are sick of your arrogant bullshit!

Powdered Wig was unable to reach Curly by phone, and although we are never able to see Curly in the phone interview, he was kind enough to send us the swell graphic beneath the video.