By Thomas Madison

I am studying Mitt Romney’s latest declaration that he is NOT going to run for president. That will be a relief to the Trump Team, but why did Romney, or the skunks who put him up to it, bail on the independent run plan?

I figure one of two scenarios led to that decision….

  1. The public backlash against Benedict Romney was so great that he is trying to preserve what little respect and integrity he has left.
  2. The more plausible explanation is that there simply isn’t enough time to get the two-time loser on all of the state ballots, what with the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of signatures that are required to add a new independent candidate to┬áthe respective┬ástate ballots.

Just hours earlier it was reported that Romney would not exclude accepting the Republican nomination at a brokered convention. Is this just BS or Plan B? Can a guy with zero delegates be chosen over a guy with over 1,000 delegates? Hell no! Time will tell, but one thing is certain, Shitt Romney is just another establishment snake in yuge den of establishment snakes!