By Thomas Madison

We predicted the day after the GOP shenanigans in Colorado that the public outrage and backlash from the Colorado GOP’s authoritarian manipulation of the primary system, disenfranchising Republican voters statewide, would result in a net negative delegate count for Canadian Cruz in future state primaries.

So far, that appears to be playing out exactly as predicted.┬áCanadian Cruz’s poll numbers are dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants! In a poll released today by Fox News, no friend to Donald Trump, The Donald increased his support by 4 percentage points from March, while The Canadian nosedived 11 points, a swing of 15 points in just a few weeks.

The establishment GOP’s sickening manipulation and disenfranchisement apparently wasn’t enough, however, to satisfy the Trump-haters. Ted Cruz, Reince Priebus, the usual “kill Trump” talking heads at Fox News, et al, ┬áthen piled on, taking the opportunity to gloat and slam Trump for complaining about an injustice that is as obvious to everyday Americans as the GOP is corrupt.

John Kasich also scored big, spiking 8 percentage points, now trailing the Canadian by only 2 points.