By Thomas Madison

One of the arguments I hear most in objection to Donald Trump becoming the eventual GOP presidential candidate is that minorities will never vote for him. Can we now suspend that ridiculous non-argument?

Based upon the feedback I receive on this website, it has become clear that Donald Trump’s voter appeal is very deep and very broad, not simply among moderate Republicans, but all demographics, including, very importantly, Hispanics and African-Americans, as well as independents and a yuuuuuuuge segment of disgruntled Democrats!

According to entrance polling (graphic below) during the Nevada GOP caucus, 9% of those voting were Hispanic, 44% of which chose Donald Trump. A combined 47% voted for Rubio and Cruz, 29% and 18% respectively.

This could be big trouble for both Rubio and Cruz, but especially Cruz, who is now virtually tied with Trump in Cruz’s Hispanic-heavy home state of Texas. According to the latest RCP poll, Trump enjoys a 21-point lead in Rubio’s home state of Florida.


From Adam Balough,