By Thomas Madison

It is early, but there have already been many reports of “voter fraud and voting machine vote flipping” in Wisconsin, all in the favor of Ted Cruz, which obviously points to corruption and cheating yet again by Ted Cruz and his slimy henchmen.

Wisconsin is not the first state where Ted Cruz won a surprising victory, and where, coincidentally, voter fraud has been highly suspected. Donald Trump is a brilliant man who surrounds himself with brilliant men and women. I trust he will find a way to expose this and combat it.

It is very interesting that the poll most relied upon by political pundits, RCP, showed the poll they most recently cited, American Research Group, giving Trump a 10-point advantage. This is the most recent polling done of likely Wisconsin voters, who were surveyed April 1 to April 3.

Combine American Research Group’s findings with the real-time polling of, and their is plenty of room for suspicion, given the fact that Ted Cruz won the Wisconsin primary by over 13 points, on the strength of his support in urban areas.

Huh? Ted Cruz, a self-proclaimed ultra-right wing conservative and evangelical Christian, sweeping the typically left-wing, ultra-liberal, secular urban precincts? Really? It is interesting to note that urban areas are where voter fraud is typically discovered. It is equally interesting to note that Donald Trump swept nearly all of the rural precincts in Wisconsin, where voter fraud has historically been non-existent.

In the video below, Bill Still, reports the apparent cheating by Cruz in Wisconsin. By all means, if you can, donate a small amount to Bill Still’s site. His work is tremendous!

From Bill Still, Still Report

Amidst calls of voter fraud and voting machine vote flipping, Ted Cruz has won the Wisconsin primary – 48.3% for Cruz, 35.1% for Trump and 14.1% for Kasich.

However, this is a new day and there is still very good news for Trumpsters, so hang with me.

Cruz took 33 convention delegates and Trump – so far – took only 3. However, there are 6 yet to be assigned. Here is the latest count from this morning’s New York Times.

Trump with 739, Cruz with 502, and Kasich with 143. Interestingly, suddenly, Rubio is reappearing back into the picture, so Rubio with 171.

First of all, 171 delegates is going to be a big, looming block at the end of all this. Secondly, Rubio is probably still — in the mind of the GOP establishment — the most viable alternative to Trump, should Trump not reach 1237 delegates on the first ballot.

In addition, according to the Green Papers – perhaps the most authoritative delegate counters – Trump is going to pick up an additional 10 delegates once the states sort out their delegate counts. That would put him at 749, 50% more delegates than Cruz.

This is the Wisconsin county map. As usual, Trump took all the rural areas, and Cruz – acting more like an urban Democrat vote getter than a “consistent conservative” scooped up the more urban areas.

Of course, urban areas are typically the target of voter fraud because that’s where the most concentrated votes are, and that’s where politicians tend to be more corrupt.

Many of the rural counties voted for Trump with 30 point spreads or more over Cruz.

Now just hold on, we are coming to the good news for this morning.

There are only 773 delegates yet to be won, and after the next round of primaries in 13 days, Trump will most likely be in the 920 to 950 range. And here is the good news. According to this morning’s New York Times, it is more than likely that Trump will be able to achieve a 1st ballot victory with some to spare after the June 7 primaries which include New Jersey and California.

So relax, be happy. God’s in total control of this process, and Mr. Trump has already pledged to pivot off this defeat and act more presidential.