By Thomas Madison

Ted Cruz is a snively, whiny wimp who can win only by cheating. He is now engineering a crushing blow to Donald Trump and his army of supporters in Cleveland should the nomination go to a second ballot.

The only way to prevent Cruz from denying the people’s choice is to be sure that Trump wins on the first ballot. If it goes to a second ballot, all bets are off, and Cruz is working overtime to steal the nomination, even though he is way behind in the delegate count and nearly all of the states left have Trump leading in the polls comfortably, Wisconsin being the sole exception, where the polling numbers between Trump and Cruz are very tight.

If you are in one of the states with a GOP primary yet to come, please get to the polls and vote for Trump, and ask your neighbors to do the same. Only massive public support will prevent the establishment GOP and their new puppet, Ted Cruz, who isn’t even eligible to serve as president, from stealing the nomination from the people.

We the People must Make America Great Again. That begins with nominating Donald Trump. Go, Donald!