UPDATE: My mistake! Maybe it was wishful thinking, but Thursday’s spectacle in Houston was NOT the final GOP presidential debate. In fact, there are two more, March 3 in Detroit, and March 10 in Florida. Thanks for setting me straight, Donn White…. debate schedule

By Thomas Madison

The final GOP presidential debate was a sad spectacle. Finally, the torture is over! While the tag team match of Rubio/Cruz vs Donald Trump was entertaining in a bizarre way, it did nothing to further the appeal of the Republican brand. In fact, it accomplished quite the opposite, making the GOP a laughing stock, which was likely the intention of CNN and Telemundo.

Being shelled from both sides by first term neophyte senators Rubio and Cruz, who boast the worst two attendance records in the US Senate, Trump hunkered down, fired back, and went on the offensive when opportunity presented itself.

The first word that came to mind while watching Cruz and Rubio relentlessly attack Donald Trump was “desperation.” This is the last stand for the Latino lawyers, who have been miserable, absent senators and career government parasites, each leapfrogging from one government position to the next for practically his entire, though brief, professional careers.

I believe it is too little, too late. Trump has been attacked by the likes of Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Rand Paul throughout this primary season, may their respective political careers rest in peace. Slamming Donald Trump may pay $1 outbound, but it will cost $10 inbound. Not sound business.

Were I The Donald, I would attack Rubio’s negative net worth. If your assets are less than your debt, how can you possibly be considered a serious candidate to cure the ills of the anemic American economy? Plus, Senor Rubio is even less eligible to serve than Senor Cruz, being the “naturalized” anchor baby of Cuban nationals.

As for Senor Canadian Cruz, I would point out that he has accomplished NOTHING in his short assignment as the the junior senator from Texas. He has pissed off nearly everyone inside the beltway and beyond, he is a fake Christian, pandering to the gullible, and a career parasite, having served nearly his entire adult life in one government legal office or another.

Donald Trump held his own tonight, against one last desperate attempt by his distant opposition.

Poor Ben Carson and John Kasich. They were practically invisible. The network honchos knew where the ratings, the money and the public interest are, and that is with the frontrunner and his nearest, though distant, opponents, Senors Rubio and Cruz.

There have been TEN, count them, TEN GOP presidential debates. For what possible purpose? Two words – “ratings” and “money,” courtesy of Donald Trump.

Isn’t Canadian Cruz supposed to be some sort of world class debater? Two of last night’s best moments – The Donald skewering the master debater….