By Thomas Madison

Here come da’ judge!

In no uncertain terms, Jeanine Pirro, amazed at the arrogance, corruption, and stupidity of the leaders of the Republican Party, blasted them for their very clear, blatant, and constant assault on Donald Trump.

This has amazed me from the beginning. The GOP elite and their lapdogs at the RNC, have been doing all they can to block a Trump nomination. The Colorado primary non-election larceny was just the latest chapter.

Here is the amazing part. All the GOP has to do is back their front runner and enjoy the glorious ride all the way to the White House. The fact that they are not is very telling…. ESTABLISHMENT CORRUPTION of the slimiest sort! When I say “ESTABLISHMENT,” I mean both parties, which have been in bed with one another for decades, to the designed detriment of We the People.

Completing the ménage à trois are the K Street operatives, lobbyists, lining the pockets of the foul scumbags we send to Washington to represent us, who instead board the beltway gravy train. It is their fear that The Donald aims to derail that gravy train. Their fear is not unjustified.

Donald Trump is EXACTLY who We the People need in Washington to reverse the imminent demise of the nation we love so much at the hands of the treasonous parasites who are trying to defeat him, members of his own party. Who would have ever thunk?

Perhaps the greatest thing Donald Trump ever did in his life was shine the white hot spotlight of truth on the greedy, corrupt, and treasonous parasites who populate our capital.

Judge Jeanine ends with a stern warning: “You know, from the beginning, we knew this would be a political revolution. Be careful boys. Be very, very careful. You don’t want to make this a different kind of revolution!”

A plausible scenario…. The Donald is keeping his powder dry. He is going to push for as many delegates as he can, while the RNC is busy trying to rob him of as many delegates as they can. It looks as though the corrupt goons at the RNC are putting all their eggs in the Canadian’s basket, and are now pushing him, as they know he is a bought and paid for establishment stooge who will tote the party water.

Trump is waiting until the convention or just after to announce an independent run, or possibly a third party run, a party he builds himself. Call it the Patriot Party or the America First Party.

The Donald has yuuuuuge crossover appeal. He will bring in Republicans, Tea Partiers, disgruntled Democrats, independents, young, old, minorities, men, women, a significant portion of every demographic. THAT is unifying!

His timing is such that he needs the Republican podium for now, and he also has to stay out in front of his Republican competitors to weaken them (especially the Canadian) before going into the general.

I believe Donald Trump can win easily in a three-way race. This may be more dream than prediction, but I see it as a very plausible scenario.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!