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VIDEO: Newt blasts Barbie slut Megyn Kelly for her transparent bias which she denies. She calls Donald Trump a “sexual predator,” refusing to call Bill Clinton one

For those who may not have seen the Barbie slut in full Trump-hating action, check out this video where she tries to use Newt Gingrich as a straight man to set up her Trump attacks.

Donald Trump boycotting next week’s GOP Debate. Good decision! Poor Megyn Kelly. No punching bag for you.

By Thomas Madison You have to feel really sorry for Megyn Kelly. The Barbie slut will have to find someone else to denigrate Monday night. The Donald will not be present at the scheduled GOP presidential debate in Salt Lake […]

VIDEO: Correcting Megyn Kelly’s error, Donald Trump handed her and Baier the BBB document showing an A rating. Kelly did not retract

By Thomas Madison H/T Independent Journal Poor Donald Trump. He is fighting battles on many fronts – the Democrats, his fellow candidates, the Washington parasite establishment, the GOP, the RNC, and then there is the media, including Fox News which […]

As expected, Fox News’ very clear anti-Trump bias is costing the network big time!

By Thomas Madison Fox News sucks! I haven’t watched Fox since August 6, 2015, the night of the first GOP presidential debate, when Megyn Kelly, the consummate Barbie slut, showed her ass on national television. Admittedly, I had previously been […]

VIDEO: I used to like Ted Cruz. Now I see him as an arrogant phony. Watch him mock Trump, then vainly chuckle at his own misperceived cleverness

By Thomas Madison I didn’t watch the Trumpless Fox GOP presidential debate last night, as I stopped watching Fox on the night of the first GOP debate when Megyn Kelly made a complete ass of herself. I have to admit I […]

VIDEO: Fox News and Megyn Kelly swear that she is not biased at all. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough sets the record straight. Oh, yes she is!

By Thomas Madison, H/T Daily Headlines Roger Ailes, Fox News, and Megyn Kelly have found it necessary to counter the public impression that Kelly is a two-faced, prejudiced hack, disguised as a real journalist. Kelly herself claims there is no bias, […]

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is freaking out over Trump ditching the debate. He has even called Melania and Ivanka to get him to change his mind

By Thomas Madison It is officially pucker time for Fox News chief, Roger Ailes. He called what he calculated to be a bluff by Donald Trump to ditch Thursday night’s debate if Megyn Kelly was moderating, making it clear that Kelly […]

Fox confirms Trump’s belief that he will be treated unfairly by giving a role in the next debate to a well-known Trump-hating Muslim

By Thomas Madison Fox News has made Donald Trump look like a genius again. I mean, he is a genius, but making The Donald look like a genius is the last thing Fox intended. As Trump is vowing to not […]

Donald Trump threatens to skip the upcoming Fox GOP debate if Megyn Kelly is moderating. I don’t blame him!

By Thomas Madison I have not watched Fox News since the night of the first GOP debate and Megyn Kelly’s disgraceful behavior toward Donald Trump. Trump announced recently that he may not participate in a Fox debate if Megyn Kelly […]

VIDEO: I just saw the movie, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.” Powerful movie that will make patriots hate Barack and Hitlery even more

By Thomas Madison I just saw the movie, 13 Hours. For most of the nearly 2 1/2 hours of  the movie I was steaming mad, watching the United States knowingly abandon men in the field, in a desperate combat situation. Although […]

VIDEO: Donald Trump sends Twitter compliment to Megyn Kelly. And they say he holds a grudge!

By Thomas Madison Megyn Kelly lost a huge segment of her audience after her disgusting behavior the night of the first GOP debate. And rightly so. So, how does she regain what she has lost? By paying Donald Trump a […]

Is Fox News surrendering to Donald Trump? According to this tweet by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz, yes!

By Thomas Madison In what appears to be an announcement of capitulation by Fox News to Donald Trump, Fox News’ Howard Kurtz tweeted yesterday that Fox is feeling the boycott and Fox News chief, Roger Ailes, with senior staff, will […]

VIDEO: On Fox News Rich Lowry revealed his fascination with Donald Trump’s balls

By Thomas Madison So, Fox News has morphed into the Howard Stern Show, discussing the genitalia of a presidential candidate. Classless moron, masquerading as political commentator, Rich Lowry, doubled down on his Trump hate speech last night on Fox News […]

Donald Trump takes to Twitter to counter assault Fox News’ ongoing offensive against his presidential campaign

By Thomas Madison The verbal war between Donald Trump and Fox News continues. Clearly it has not hurt Donald Trump. I can’t say the same for Fox News. I am in touch with tens of thousands of conservative voters daily, […]

Trump bitch slaps Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who wrote nasty things about him. Stick to the sky hook, Kareem. You suck at political commentary!

By Thomas Madison “Kareem – Now I know why the press always treated you so badly – they couldn’t stand you,” wrote Donald Trump in response to criticism from Kareem Abdul Jabbar in his Washington Post column. Jabbar accused Trump […]

Gabriel Sherman provides interesting insight into the Fox/Trump feud, including Megyn Kelly may be leaving Fox to “go mainstream”

By Thomas Madison In an interview with Steve Malzberg, Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine provided an insightful view of the Donald Trump/Fox News feud that has rocketed Trump to a commanding lead in the GOP presidential race, and has […]

Please sign the petition, if you haven’t already, prohibiting Megyn Kelly’s participation in any future Fox News GOP debates

By Thomas Madison The extreme left media thought that Fox News’ first debate performance was outstanding, which should tell you all you need to know about Fox News….THEY SUCK! Please sign the petition…. CLICK HERE….  Please let me know if you […]

Trump responds diplomatically to a question concerning Megyn Kelly’s sudden “vacation” and receives a full frontal assault from the Fox News slime factory

By Thomas Madison In a phone interview with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg (video below), Donald Trump was asked (Trump did not bring the topic up, Malzberg did)  if Megyn Kelly’s sudden “vacation” had anything to do with the controversy surrounding […]

Megyn Kelly reportedly receiving death threats from ardent Trump supporters

From Daily Mail Donald Trump may have mended his relationship with Fox News, but his pack of rabid fans are not about to let go of the public feud with anchor Megyn Kelly. The GOP front-runner lashed out at Kelly […]

Sign the petition to prevent Megyn Kelly from participating in future Republican debates

Photo, above: Megyn Kelly, equating Jesus to the myth of Santa Claus By Thomas Madison A petition to ban Megyn Kelly from future Republican debates is being circulated by and is being forwarded directly to Rupert Murcoch, Chairman and CEO […]

VIDEO: Peas in a pod. Hitlery Clinton defends Megyn Kelly. Great company you are keeping, Megyn, and right where you belong!

By Thomas Madison I wonder how hard and fast Megyn Kelly is trying to run away from Hillary Clinton, who, in the video below, sings Kelly’s praises and defends her against their mutual enemy, Donald Trump? Certainly an association of […]

Listen as little miss choir girl hypocrite, Megyn Kelly, discusses her breasts and her husband’s penis with Howard Stern

By Thomas Madison So, according to hypocrite Megyn Kelly, it is Donald Trump who degrades women and treats them like sex objects. Really?! Fast forward to the 7:00 mark to hear Little Miss Purity discuss her breasts and her husband’s […]

From a contextual perspective, Megyn Kelly’s carefully engineered gotcha question involving a woman “on her knees” was disgraceful, at best

Photo, above, from GQ, via  Daily Mail, in an exclusive, quoting Kelly’s ex-husband: “I wanted a wife… so did she.” Kelly posed for this photo for an in-depth interview for GQ in 2010 By Thomas Madison Kudos to Mark Levin for taking […]

What has two thumbs and always gets the last laugh? THIS GUY! As Fox does all it can to derail the Trump Train, The Donald only gets stronger

By Thomas Madison As the post-debate dust settles, it has become increasingly clear that Fox News went into the debate with an agenda – KILL TRUMP! The loaded gotcha questions from the moderating team, especially Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace, […]

Preach on, Sistah! Lady and her Mom slam Megyn Kelly, defend The Donald

Poontang O’Reilly crawls under the bed with Donald Trump, blaming Pam Geller for the Texas attack. Megyn Kelly busts his wimp ass

Thomas Madison In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Bill Neverletanyoneelsetalk O’Reilly joins most of the pantywaists on the left and fellow blowhard, The Donald, in blaming Pamela Geller for supporting and defending our Constitution. Said lamebrain O’Reilly during […]

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly tries to get this Obama stooge to at least admit that the Taliban are terrorists. Instead, he totes Obama’s water. Scumbag!

By Thomas Madison We expect integrity and ethical behavior from our military. In this interview with Megyn Kelly, Pentagon Spokesman Presidential Propagandist Admiral John Kirby totes the administration’s water, parroting the ridiculous claim that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization. […]

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