Photo, above, from GQ, via  Daily Mail, in an exclusive, quoting Kelly’s ex-husband: “I wanted a wife… so did she.” Kelly posed for this photo for an in-depth interview for GQ in 2010

By Thomas Madison

Kudos to Mark Levin for taking the time to research the background of Megyn Kelly’s despicable charge that Donald Trump mistreats women, in particular her accusation involving Trump commenting that a certain female contestant on The Apprentice would be a pretty picture on her knees, the obvious inference being in the sexually subservient connotation. Kelly obviously heard Trump’s comment and the entire dialogue, but rather than treat it fairly, in its true context, she decided to leave the comment without its original and obvious context, allowing the viewers’ imaginations to fill in the blanks, and leading them in the direction of blatant misogyny on Trump’s part.

My top three reasons for a person to be on his or her knees are:

1. Praying

2. Begging or pleading

3. Sexual subservience

From around the 5:00 mark in the following video it is clear that the actual context of the statement came directly from the female involved in the episode, who admitted that she dropped to her knees, begging or pleading for a certain task or position on the reality show. She goes on to explain that there was nothing sexual in the comment, and that Donald Trump has always treated her with the utmost respect. But what good is that to a hatchet-wielding manhater like Kelly? Why don’t we simply omit the original context and allow the viewers to imagine what they will. But first let’s set it up nicely by accusing Trump of calling women, “fat pigs, dogs, and slobs.” Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Well done, Megyn. MSNBC is rebuilding and has a perfect “position” for you to entertain their 17 viewers. If you drop to your knees and perform well you could land right where you belong.

H/T The Gateway Pundit