By Thomas Madison, H/T Daily Headlines

Roger Ailes, Fox News, and Megyn Kelly have found it necessary to counter the public impression that Kelly is a two-faced, prejudiced hack, disguised as a real journalist.

Kelly herself claims there is no bias, and she acts as though she hardly knows who Donald Trump is, attempting to cover her obvious obsession with the man, made evident in the video, below.

Sorry, Megyn, no one is buying it. In the second video, below, watch MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough lay down some truth on the whole Fox News/Donald Trump soap opera. This has made Ailes look like the moron he is. Fair and balanced, my ass!

UPDATE: I don’t watch Faux News anymore. I stopped watching during their shameful display the night of the first GOP debate. However, Powdered Wig reader, Marcy Waltos, caught this on Fox this morning. Marcy’s message to me:

“I wanted to bring this to your attention so you can put it out there for others. On FAUX news this AM Steve Hayes referred to Donald Trump’s event last evening as a “circus like event”. His exact words. I am furious! I would love to see Steve Hayes tell that to the Veterans who were up on that stage especially John Wayne who explained how he lost his leg and how hard it was for him to come home and assimilate.”

“Circus like event?” Really, Steve? A veteran who lost a leg for your right to be a public moron? Yep! Sounds “fair and balanced” to me. No bias to see here, folks. Move along.