VIDEO – Leading from the Front: Benghazi hero, Kris Paronto, is heading an effort to educate Americans on the danger we are facing in radical Islam

Kris “Tanto” Paranto, one of the heroes of the Benghazi massacre, is leading an effort to educate America on the very real danger we face in not confronting radical Islam.

VIDEO: Total incompetence of the Barack Hussein administration. That is the theme throughout Trey Gowdy’s 800-page Benghazi report

While Hussein and his staff were trying to decide whether Marines who were spun up and ready to deploy should wear military uniforms or civvies, people were dying in Benghazi.

BREAKING! Fox News proves Hitlery committed treason, funneling weapons to terrorists who used them to kill four Americans in Benghazi

By Thomas Madison The noose is tightening around Hitlery Clinton’s neck! While everyone with an IQ above that of your average ground squirrel already knew that Hitlery and Barack Hussein were neck deep in the illegal transfer of weapons to […]

VIDEO: I just saw the movie, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.” Powerful movie that will make patriots hate Barack and Hitlery even more

By Thomas Madison I just saw the movie, 13 Hours. For most of the nearly 2 1/2 hours of  the movie I was steaming mad, watching the United States knowingly abandon men in the field, in a desperate combat situation. Although […]

VIDEO: Official trailer for the movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. The shameful incompetence of Barack Hussein and Hitlery!

By Thomas Madison Was it simple incompetence or criminal corruption that took the lives of four American heroes in Benghazi, as our Secretary of State and White House officials watched them die on television? Barack Hussein and/or Hitlery Clinton could have […]

The father of one of the Benghazi victims has challenged Hitlery Clinton to a mutual lie detector test. Great idea!

By Thomas Madison If Hitlery Clinton told me the sun will rise tomorrow, I would worry, because the Wicked Witch of Benghazi lies every time she opens her mouth, which is quite often. Most recently George Stephanopoulos questioned Hitlery about having […]

Email from DOD to State Dept proves military assets were available and “spinning up” to deploy to Benghazi. Hitlery and Obama ignored it!

By Thomas Madison Barack Hussein and Hitlery Clinton are already stinking to high Heaven on the Benghazi massacre. New incriminating evidence, in the form of one of the finally recovered emails from DOD Chief of Staff, Jeremy Bash, to high-level […]

Bombshell smoking gun revealed that would sink Hitlery, were it not for the liberal media praising her victorious “theatrical performance” (lies)

From Thomas Madison I haven’t watched Megyn Kelly since her shameless ambush of Donald Trump on the night of the first GOP debate. However, this is a very good piece of investigative journalism, revealing yet another bombshell lie by Hitlery […]

Look up “douche nozzle” in the dictionary, and this is the picture you will see. CNN’s Jeffery Toobin blames Chris Stevens’ death on Chris Stevens

By Thomas Madison Just when I thought CNN was taking a conservative tack to capture market share from Fox News (Megyn Kelly’s stupidity), they go and do something like this. Pretending to be a pinheaded pundit, CNN Senior Legal “Analyst” […]

THIS is rich! Guess who MSNBC trots out to offer a credibility analysis of the Benghazi hearings? You simply cannot make this up! @ProgsToday @gatewaypundit @BWilliams @MSNBC He was there he should set the record straight — keith bauer (@kxbman) October 22, 2015 Did he start with “when I was there …” ? — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) October 22, 2015 H/T […]

Video trailer: Michael Bay’s upcoming film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, is being released just in time for the primaries

By Thomas Madison Can you imagine how much Hitlery Clinton hates this? She must be stomping and screaming and cussing and punching her assistants in the throat. Due to be released in mid-January, just before the New Hampshire primary, Michael […]

Just in time for Trey Gowdy’s grilling party on Thursday, State Department turns over 1,300 pages of new, incriminating Benghazi emails

From Lauren Richardson, Truth Uncensored Just two days before Hillary Clinton’s testimony to the House Benghazi Committee, the State Department presented lawmakers with a huge trove of Ambassador Chris Stevens’ emails. Two months before the fatal 2012 terrorist attack on the […]

For those disgruntled Americans frustrated with the slow-moving glacier that is Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation, please consider this….

By Thomas Madison I continue to hear critics claim that there is no there there in regard to Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation, claiming that no new evidence has been found and the entire process is one big witch hunt. That […]

TREASON! Judge Napolitano reviews Hillary’s Benghazi emails. Concludes to a “moral certainty” that she provided material assistance to terrorists

By Thomas Madison Judge Andrew Napolitano has reviewed Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails, or at least those released to the congressional committee (imagine how damning the unreleased ones are). Combined with the admissions of an arms dealer named Marc Turi, the […]

The noose around Hillary’s scrawny neck is getting tighter! Released emails reveal apparent perjurious testimony before Congress.

By Thomas Madison Pucker time for Hillary again. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy! The problem with lying all the time is you have to remember your lies (impossible for a Clinton, due to the sheer volume of lies) and you had better […]

Hillary squirming again as Trey Gowdy subpoenas her personal emails during her time as Secretary of State.

By Thomas Madison So, not only was Hillary using her personal email account for official government business when she was Secretary of State, something highly illegal, she also kept the server for that email account in her own house in […]

Is Trey Gowdy a patriot or a turncoat? The generals leading the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi have concerns

ADMIRALS, GENERALS, INTEL: BENGHAZI INQUEST COMPROMISED ‘I think Gowdy has been warned away or threatened’ By Jerome R. Corsi, WND The independent Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, or CCB, has been doing its own investigation and working behind the scenes for […]

Wow! 15 key Benghazi eyewitnesses unable to testify because, wait for it….they have all been killed!

From Conservative Tribune Now that Trey Gowdy’s special House Select Committee investigating the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya has gotten into full swing, we finally have a chance to get some answers and see justice served. However, as […]