By Thomas Madison

The verbal war between Donald Trump and Fox News continues. Clearly it has not hurt Donald Trump. I can’t say the same for Fox News. I am in touch with tens of thousands of conservative voters daily, and a significant percentage are reporting that they no longer watch Fox News at all. Many of them were previous Foxaholics, like me.

I have not watched Fox News since their disgusting behavior on the night of the first GOP debate, I don’t miss Fox a bit, and I will never watch Fox again.

The feedback Powdered Wig is receiving indicates that Fox is hemorrhaging market share.

I have been watching CNN, which is surprisingly much improved. It appears they are moving more to the right to appeal to the mass exodus of previous Fox viewers.

As has been The Donald’s practice, he took to Twitter to counter assault his detractors at Fox, who are unquestionably conducting a search and destroy mission on all things Trump.

Saving a special barb for lamebrain National Review rag artist, Rich Lowry, who accused The Donald of speaking “like an eighth-grader,” Trump called Lowry “one of the dumbest of the talking heads.” Watch the video, below, as Lowry slams Trump over and over, while Megyn Kelly feigns fair and balanced reporting. Lowry’s “eighth-grader” comment is around the 5:45 mark.

There is, however, one Fox personality that The Donald still watches….

One correction. Near the end of the segment former Trump advisor, Roger Stone, defended Trump on the “eighth-grader” charge, explaining that Trump is not an Ivy Leaguer.

Actually, that is incorrect. Trump graduated from the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, which is an Ivy League school. He isn’t a silver-tongued snake oil salesman like Slick Willie and Barack Hussein, but he is an Ivy Leaguer. He just happens to speak more like Mom and PopĀ America than pretentious faux intellectuals like Rich Lowry.