By Thomas Madison

In a phone interview with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg (video below), Donald Trump was asked (Trump did not bring the topic up, Malzberg did)  if Megyn Kelly’s sudden “vacation” had anything to do with the controversy surrounding her clearly inappropriate conduct towards The Donald during the first GOP presidential debate.

According to a statement The Blaze received from Fox:

“The conspiracy theories about Megyn Kelly’s vacation rank up there with UFO’s, the moon landing and Elvis being alive. Megyn is on a pre-planned, annual summer vacation with her family, which is much deserved. To imply otherwise as Donald Trump and his campaign operatives have is not only wildly irresponsible, but downright bizarre.

Perhaps Mr. Trump thinks it’s advantageous to his poll numbers to keep talking about Megyn, but that doesn’t change the fact that Roger Ailes has fully supported her and her tough journalistic questioning since day one and is thrilled with the added exposure from the debate, which resulted in even higher ratings of The Kelly File this week.

Anyone who knows Roger is aware of how historically and consistently loyal he is to all of his talent and how he protects them at all costs. As Governor Terry Branstad said today, ‘when you’re a candidate, you’ve got to basically answer the questions. You can’t just attack the person asking the questions. That doesn’t work.'”

Trump responded to Malzberg’s question with much tact, respect, and diplomacy: “Well, there probably was, but I wouldn’t know, and I hope she’s well and I hope she’s feeling fine…. So, yes people were very, very surprised that all of a sudden she decided to go away for ten or eleven or twelve days, but that’s Ok, I mean sometimes people make quick decisions.”

Trump’s relatively gentle response to Malzberg’s question solicited the most caustic vitriol from the Trump haters at Fox News, outright accusing Trump of participating in a “conspiracy” to discredit Megyn Kelly. So, not only is Donald Trump no longer allowed to breathe the same air as the slimeball yellow journalists at Fox News, he is now not even entitled to his own opinion. I believe that Kelly’s sudden “vacation” following her Trump bashfest is MUCH more than coincidence. That is MY opinion.

I have not watched Fox News since the night of the debate and I will never watch Fox News again! I don’t miss it a bit!

Fast forward to the 5:40 mark for the Fox segment of the interview.