By Thomas Madison

The extreme left media thought that Fox News’ first debate performance was outstanding, which should tell you all you need to know about Fox News….THEY SUCK! Please sign the petition…. CLICK HERE….  Please let me know if you are having trouble accessing the petition.

Fox News, You Cannot Win This… Because You’re Wrong!

From Teri Amici,

Aug 25, 2015 — Before you read further, please take a moment to share the petition (twitter, facebook, email, etc.), because Roger Ailes is doubling down… and so are we:

Now, here’s our update:

As I wrote the headline, I felt like one those low information voters aimlessly bashing Fox News. I questioned myself and realized it was Fox News acting like a low information News Media Outlet. Trump aside, Fox News has lowered itself to standards unbecoming of a legitimate News Organization by engaging in a Tabloid worthy tit-for-tat.

This all started with Megyn Kelly’s heinous performance at the first Republican Primary Debate and Fox News is continuing it with a transparently contrived strategy of protecting Megyn Kelly from justified criticism while attacking Donald Trump as if Fox News were the National Enquirer. Earth to Fox News, you don’t engage in media campaigns and remain a respected “news” organization… you might want to put your tail between your legs and back track now. Even if you “beat” Donald Trump with these infantile antics, you will inevitably lose viewers.

People have alleged this Petition represents many different things. According to them, it is a Liberal conspiracy, a Trump stunt, a group of confused Conservatives, etc.

It is nothing of the kind.

This petition isn’t solely about Mr. Trump. It is also about Fox News’ fascination with Donald Trump that has limited this petition’s focus. Donald Trump just happened to have been the target of the curious attack for which we all disapprove. You can act like petulant children on other channels alleged to be news, but not on the last vestige of Mainstream Media not completely corrupted by Leftist, America-hating idealogues. Fox News might lean right, but we don’t accept Saul Alinsky tactics from them.

This isn’t solely about Megyn Kelly, either. If she went rogue, Fox News has more issues than this petition represents. But, Megyn Kelly was merely executing a well designed plan to attack a Presidential Candidate on frivolous grounds from the progressive-left playbook: the imaginary “war on women”. Does anyone else find it ironic that Megyn Kelly, a woman, lead the most viewed Presidential Primary Debate in history while at the same time playing the “war on women” card? Not to mention the historical ratings were due to the presence of the candidate they’re attacking. Not to mention the fact that Megyn Kelly waged this weaponized fiction against a man who employs more women than Megyn Kelly ever has employed. Not to mention Megyn Kelly posed nearly half nude for GQ magazine.

Does Mr. Trump say some funny things? Of course. Could some consider those things offensive? Probably. Was the feud between he and Rosie O’Donnell a bit over the line? Sure. Does any of this have to do with Presidential vetting? Absolutely not!

After carefully watching the implosion of political conditions in this Country over Donald Trump, those ferociously against him made me start to realize I was on to something. Apparently, over 50,000 of you agree, too.

Just look at what has happened since this petition gained steam:

– What kind of owner of a “legitimate” news organizations states “we resolve this now, or go to war”? Note to Roger Ailes, legitimate news organizations don’t go to war. If you have something to report, report it. You act like a left leaning news outlet, your ratings will follow suit.

– Megyn Kelly goes on a mystery vacation as the nonstop disapproval of her consumes social media and this petition jumps to 50,000 signatures in a few days.

– Hillary Clinton praised Megyn Kelly’s performance… what else do you need to know?

– Megyn Kelly retweets Debbie Wasserman Schultz stating “I’m more confident than ever that the democrat nominee will eventually become president”

– Just take a look at this post’s image of Megyn Kelly and ask yourself if you agree with Dana Perino in that “The intelligence, class & grace of @megynkelly shined last night after her week’s vacation with her family. I’ll be on #kellyfile Wed night.”

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