ISIS kingpin publishes Pamela Geller’s home address, as New Hampshire man plans another Draw Muhammad contest

Photo, above: Pamela Geller, an anti-Muslim activist and creator of a draw Muhammad contest, had her address tweeted Friday by an alleged pro-Islamic jihadist. Reuters From Clark Mindock, International Business Times The personal address of an anti-Muslim activist was tweeted Friday […]

VIDEO: Enjoying the free speech he seeks to deny Pamela Geller, Imam Chowderhead advocates her execution for the crime of cartoons

By Thomas Madison Exhibiting the love and tolerance that only the religion of peace can exhibit, Imam Anjem Choudary publicly advocated the prosecution and execution of Pamela Geller before a Shariah court for the heinous crime of drawing cartoons. Said […]

More stupidity from the wacko left on the horror of free speech (of anyone but themselves) and the Muslim attack in Garland, Texas

By Thomas Madison I apologize for paragraphs running together in this article without proper spacing. I tried for over an hour to get the article to format correctly, but sometimes WordPress has a mind of its own and there is […]

ISIS threatens to kill Pamela Geller: “Our aim was the khanzeer (pig) Pamela Geller…. we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter”

Excerpted from an article by Sasha Goldstein and Jason Silverstein, NY Daily News ISIS appears to declare war on controversial blogger Pamela Geller on Tuesday in an ominous online message claiming it has fighters across America ready to attack “any target […]

Alan Dershowitz tries to explain to a 7th-Century cavewoman the difference between a cartoon and sawing someone’s head off. No luck!

By Thomas Madison Explaining in a very articulate and logical manner the difference between the attack on free speech by Muslims (and I emphasize “attack” because that’s what it is – violet, physical, deliberate attacks) and what one Muslim guest […]

Muslim audience at Brooklyn College insults and shouts down Pamela Geller. This “moderate” Muslim trash is no better than ISIS

Photo, above: Brooklyn College students smiling and giving Pamela Geller the ISIS salute By Thomas Madison Behaving more like spoiled third-graders than college students, an audience composed of 80% Muslim students giggled, sneered, and insulted Pamela Geller during her speaking […]

De Blasio whining as Pamela Geller scores big win for the First Amendment! Kudos to Judge Koeltl for supporting our Constitution

Judge Allows MTA To Show Controversial Anti-Muslim ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Posters In New York City From Inquisitr Last year, San Francisco allowed controversial signs to be displayed that were clearly anti-Muslim. The Inquisitr reported on the signs — showcasing […]

Kudos to Pamela Geller, who is sponsoring a “Draw the Prophet” contest, challenging artists to submit their wacky Mohammed art

Islamists Try to Take on Texas… Texans Come Up With Clever Plan to Humiliate Them From Conservative Tribune If anyone in this country is taking the fight against radical Islam and Shariah law, it’s a woman by the name ofPamela […]

VIDEO: A shout out to Pamela Geller! Keep the faith. We need you! Her anti-Islamization of America rally in Texas

By Thomas Madison Patriots of all stripes, this is a call to action. Stalwart patriot Pamela Geller has had her website, Atlas Shrugs, shut down. As a fellow blogger I can say without question that conservative blogs are in constant […]