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Donald Trump may have mended his relationship with Fox News, but his pack of rabid fans are not about to let go of the public feud with anchor Megyn Kelly.

The GOP front-runner lashed out at Kelly over the weekend for what he called ‘unfair’ questions during the first presidential primary debate, and even went so far as to infer that she was menstruating at the time.

He then stopped doing Fox shows altogether, while continuing to appear on almost every other major network. Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes was able to coax the real estate mogul back into doing press on the network on Monday, but that came at the cost of hanging Kelly out to dry.

Now, Kelly has reportedly been telling Fox producers that she’s been getting death threats from Trump supporters, according to a report from New York Magazine which reveals the behind-the-scenes brokering that brought about the truce between the network and Trump.

Ailes was put in the tough decision between defending one of his most popular anchors, and maintaining his conservative network’s good relationship with the top Republican candidate.

White flag of surrender: Trump temporarily boycotted the network over the weekend until he got a call from Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes (pictured), seeking to mend ties

So while Trump went on the offensive against Fox over the weekend, Ailes remained mostly quiet on the matter, simply issuing a statement a day after the debate saying he was ‘extremely proud of all of the moderators.’

But Trump’s stalemate on Fox programming led many executives at the network to start calling on Ailes to personally mend ties with Trump, a source told the magazine.

Ailes, however, was initially hesitant because he feared that Trump could use the call against him, perhaps releasing the audio in a move similar to making Lindsey Graham’s phone number public.

(Ailes’ lawyer Peter Johnson Jr told New York Magazine that the source’s account ‘is false and obviously fabricated.’)

Ailes was forced to act on Monday though, after seeing Trump go on four non-Fox public-affairs shows on Sunday, while speaking with NBC’s Today and MSNBC’s Morning Joe that morning.

During the call, Ailes reportedly offered Trump the opportunity to do a special on Kelly’s prime-time show, but the candidate refused.

‘Donald was sufficiently pissed off that there was no way that was happening,’ a person familiar with the call told New York Magazine.

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