By Thomas Madison

I didn’t watch the Trumpless Fox GOP presidential debate last night, as I stopped watching Fox on the night of the first GOP debate when Megyn Kelly made a complete ass of herself. I have to admit I don’t miss Fox a bit. Instead, I watched Trump’s very inspiring rally for veterans in Iowa.

I did, however, catch a few highlights of the GOP debate, otherwise known as the “Where’s Donald Show.” Pretty sickening.

In the first video, below, Ted “Phony” Cruz patronized the people of Iowa before telling everyone on the stage that they are “stupid, fat, and ugly,”  then adding his climactic punchline, “Now that we’ve gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way….”

Many yucks, Ted, many yucks. What a clever douchebag, I mean clever guy you are. Who knew Canada put out such knee-slapper comedians, eh? Note how Senator Phony chuckles at the end of his punchline, cracking up at what he perceives to be his superior cleverness. Did I say “sickening” already?

The second video is even worse. After Senor Phony mocks Donald Trump for insulting other candidates and being too chicken to show up, he slams Chris Wallace for an apparently misperceived slight, and then insults four fellow candidates, accusing them of mistreating him, then threatening to leave the stage “if you guys ask one more mean question.” Wow! The Canadian Comic is a bit sensitive, eh?

So, how did the Trumpless debate go? Matt Drudge surveyed his readers after the debate, asking, “WHO IS YOUR REPUBLICAN CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT?” As of this posting at 2:40 AM, EDT, 1/30/2016, 1.3 million Drudge readers have responded to the poll, 60% choosing The Donald, 19% choosing Senor Phony. You can vote in the poll here…. Drudge Poll.