By Thomas Madison

Megyn Kelly lost a huge segment of her audience after her disgusting behavior the night of the first GOP debate. And rightly so.

So, how does she regain what she has lost? By paying Donald Trump a public compliment, of course. Sort of. OK, she didn’t come right out and admit to secretly loving The Donald’s hair. She chose the back door, complimenting Trump’s wife, Melania.

OK! OK! Busted again. Kelly didn’t exactly “compliment” Melania Trump. What she actually did was defend her against a New York Times hit piece, which gave the impression that Melania is little more than a gold-digging trophy wife. Or, maybe Megyn just wanted to highlight and publicize NYT’s repulsive attempt at journalism.

But, who’s keeping score? I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy, so that is close enough to a compliment for me. It shows a capitulating change of direction for Fox’s alpha chick. Not a bad quality. I hope it leads to the fair and balanced reporting Fox claims mantle of.