By Thomas Madison

I have not watched Fox News since the night of the first GOP debate and Megyn Kelly’s disgraceful behavior toward Donald Trump.

Trump announced recently that he may not participate in a Fox debate if Megyn Kelly is moderator. Calling his bluff, Fox says Kelly did nothing wrong and she will be a moderator at the next debate. According to a Fox spokeswoman, “Sooner or later Donald Trump, even if he’s president, is going to have to learn that he doesn’t get to pick the journalists.”

Putting the arrogance of Fox News on full display, the spokeswoman added, “We’re very surprised he’s willing to show that much fear about being questioned by Megyn Kelly.”

Wrong “F” word, sweetheart. It isn’t about “fear.” Multi-bazillionaires who risk billions of dollars of their own money on a daily basis DO NOT live in fear. It’s about “fairness.” The “equal protection” clause of the 14th Amendment to our constitution guarantees it, Donald Trump is demanding it, and you and Fox are flipping him the bird.

Whooda’ thunk that Fox would treat anyone unfairly? ME! Fox showed its bias in the persons of Dana Perino, an unabashed Trump hater, and Charles Krauthammer, who slams Trump at every opportunity, calling him a “rodeo clown,” as well as other Fox “personalities” like Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera, et al.

During the first GOP debate, Donald Trump was Megyn Kelly’s personal pinata. He is concerned that he will be treated unfairly again, as he was in the first Fox debate. He has every right and reason to be concerned!

Like everything The Donald does, his threat to Fox is bold and aggressive. It demonstrates imagination, fearlessness, and leadership.

Furthermore, Ms. Spokeswoman, Donald Trump is not your captive participant. If he feels like blowing Fox off for its clear unfairness, that is his decision, and he will decide what is best for his campaign, not YOU! So you see, he DOES “get to pick the journalists.” If he agrees to participate, Fox is a big winner. You will enjoy millions of extra dollars, courtesy of Donald Trump, the ratings machine. So, go ahead, be stupid. Throw free money out the window.

Were I Donald Trump, here is how I would handle this: I would announce now that I will not be participating in the Fox debate unless Megyn Kelly is removed as moderator. Once it becomes evident that she won’t be removed, I would make a deal with CNN or one of the networks, buying, if necessary, two hours in the same time slot as the GOP debate. I doubt that Trump will actually have to pay for the time. As stated, he is a ratings machine and any network will likely give him all the time he wants for free. Who knows, they may even pay him or donate to his favorite veterans charity. Whichever network The Donald decides to schedule his unprecedented “monodebate” on (wrap your head around that oxymoron), it will be a huge beneficiary of his appearance, and they know it. Then I would schedule time on every network to publicize the event. This way Trump can own the entire stage, take questions from the audience, speak in his authentic ad lib manner on topics of his own choosing, and be spared the stupidity of a Barbie slut with an agenda. Seriously, who is going to watch Jeb Bush debate Chris Christie when Donald Trump is on the other channel?

Note: The Donald may want to schedule his appearance following the Fox debate to allow him time to counter the attacks that are surely going to come his way from the gang of obscure Republican candidates appearing on the viewerless Fox stage.