Megyn Kelly reportedly receiving death threats from ardent Trump supporters

From Daily Mail Donald Trump may have mended his relationship with Fox News, but his pack of rabid fans are not about to let go of the public feud with anchor Megyn Kelly. The GOP front-runner lashed out at Kelly […]

Sign the petition to prevent Megyn Kelly from participating in future Republican debates

Photo, above: Megyn Kelly, equating Jesus to the myth of Santa Claus By Thomas Madison A petition to ban Megyn Kelly from future Republican debates is being circulated by and is being forwarded directly to Rupert Murcoch, Chairman and CEO […]

Listen as little miss choir girl hypocrite, Megyn Kelly, discusses her breasts and her husband’s penis with Howard Stern

By Thomas Madison So, according to hypocrite Megyn Kelly, it is Donald Trump who degrades women and treats them like sex objects. Really?! Fast forward to the 7:00 mark to hear Little Miss Purity discuss her breasts and her husband’s […]

From a contextual perspective, Megyn Kelly’s carefully engineered gotcha question involving a woman “on her knees” was disgraceful, at best

Photo, above, from GQ, via  Daily Mail, in an exclusive, quoting Kelly’s ex-husband: “I wanted a wife… so did she.” Kelly posed for this photo for an in-depth interview for GQ in 2010 By Thomas Madison Kudos to Mark Levin for taking […]