By Thomas Madison

So, Fox News has morphed into the Howard Stern Show, discussing the genitalia of a presidential candidate.

Classless moron, masquerading as political commentator, Rich Lowry, doubled down on his Trump hate speech last night on Fox News and Megyn Kelly was pleased to provide him the platform. Fox News now takes each and every Trump statement and dissects it, attaching their very own distorted meaning.

Zipperhead Lowry claimed that Carly Fiorina, who hasn’t smiled since junior high school, destroyed Trump in the second debate. I wonder what color the sky is in Lowry’s world.

Low-ry opened his hurling invective by declaring, “Look, Trump obviously attacks everyone, but she’s become a much bigger target, and I think part of what’s going on here is that last debate. Let’s be honest, Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon.”

The root word of Lowry is “Low,” thus I presume his propensity for unsolicited invective is a genetic flaw.

It is clear that Low-ry has a fascination with Donald Trump’s testicles. I’m not saying he is gay. I’m just saying he has an unnatural preoccupation with The Donald’s junk. I think they have docs for that. Hypnosis, maybe.

And did you notice how giddy (feigning embarrassment) Megyn Kelly became at the mention of cutting off Donald Trump’s balls? Repulsive slut!

And this sickening little creep, Low-ry, accused Trump of talking “like an eighth-grader?” Really? GMAFB! Low-ry is not only a moron, he is a hypocrite!

Go away, Fox News. You deserve no American air time. Scroll down for video….

H/T The Gateway Pundit