VIDEO: Classic Barack Hussein: “To realize the promise of the UN, the US must give up freedoms”

Our Fraud-in-Chief will not be satisfied until the per capita income and standard of living of Zimbabwe and the United States are equalized. And he is saying this right to your face.

Barack Hussein has one last slap to the face of Israel and Netanyahu. Many believe it is the official US recognition of an independent state of Palestine

The global political grapevine is abuzz with speculation, anticipating one final Barack Hussein slap to the face of Netanyahu and Israel, and wondering what form it will take.

VIDEO: Merry Christmas and a big “FU” from Barack Hussein, who quietly and cowardly signed into law what may be a death blow to Powdered Wig and sites like it

Merry Christmas and a big “FU” from Barack Hussein, who quietly and cowardly on Friday signed into law a clear attempt to kill Powdered Wig and sites like it in the alt media.

Barack Hussein says US will take action against Russia for hacking the election, which clearly never happened. More Democrat lies. Imagine that!

The Democrat Party has gone the way of the Whig Party and the Wooly Mammoth. Good riddance!

Barack Hussein says his biggest regret was not being able to take your guns away and leave you defenseless

Enjoy your multi-million dollar beach house, Barack, and remember, you will always appear as nothing more than an embarrassing skid mark on the pages of history.

In an interview with fake news publisher Rolling Stoned, Barack Hussein blames Fox News for his failure

Perfect! To cement his legacy in the basement of presidential history Barack Hussein chose fake news rag Rolling Stone for his 11th hour interview

Barack Hussein is warning you not to connect Islam to the terrorist attack at Ohio State by an ISIS-inspired Islamic nutjob

The fact that the terrorist was likely connected to and/or inspired by ISIS is purely coincidental, you see. Yes, the first I in ISIS does stand for “Islamic.” Just another coincidence. Fuhget about it!

VIDEO: Unwelcome again! Obama’s not-so-warm greeting at APEC in Peru…. “OBAMA GO HOME. YOU SUCKS!”

During this, his lame duck legacy/farewell tour, Barack Hussein today finds himself in Lima, Peru, at the APEC conference, where he was met by protesters being restrained by police.

Newly unearthed video of Obama reveals he was a pioneer in racial grievance mongering

For a guy who was raised by white women, after his black father abandoned the family, Barack Obama sure has a lot of animosity toward white people.

Barack Hussein is giving complete control of the internet to the UN. Donald Trump may be all that is standing in his way

Trump has sided with the sovereignty of the American people against international elites yet again.

VIDEO: Congressional Black Circus is demanding Loretta Lynch crack down on cops who defend themselves against violent and armed black perps

The Congressional Black Caucus is fired up! They are demanding that Loretta Lynch crack down on local police departments.

Barack Hussein has been paying CNN your tax dollars to manipulate the news in his favor, says former CNN journalist

If you have ever watched CNN, then you know how it got its nickname, Clinton News Network. To call CNN a liberal shill is an understatement.

This is funny as hell, and so apropos! A newly-discovered parasite has been named for Barack Hussein. I kid you not! This is NOT satire

Didn’t I tell you? Barack Hussein is nothing more than a worthless parasite, whose only purpose in life is to suck the life out of others

If you got mad when you found out about Obama giving Iran $1.7 billion, you are going to flip your powdered wig when you read this

Now, how angry would you be if you suddenly discovered that our Muslim-in-Chief actually sent Iran $33.6 billion, not $1.7 billion?

VIDEO: Barack Hussein repeatedly tells Laotians that Americans are lazy

“If you’re in the United States, sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big we don’t have to really know anything.”

LMAO! Hilarious. Zimbabwean President challenges Obama to prove he is NOT the son of a whore

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe came up with a great idea. He challenged Hussein to prove that he is NOT the son of a whore

“Son of a whore!” That is what the President of the Philippines is calling Barack Hussein

Why such harsh language, Rod? All Barack is trying to do is lead you around by your nose.

What!? Barack Hussein stonewalling a congressional investigation into exactly where he got $400 million in cash to give Iran? What is there to investigate? Isn’t it obvious?

Maybe I am naive, but isn’t it obvious? The Treasury Department prints money, US dollars. The Treasury Department is part of the Executive Branch. Guess who the Secretary of the Treasury takes his orders from? The President of the United States.

VIDEO: Finally! Someone says the “T” word regarding Barack Hussein…. TREASON! And it comes from one of the most respected military minds in Washington

‘Bout damned time! One of the more respected military minds in Washington is calling Barack Hussein’s actions regarding the Middle East “treasonous!”

While Trump was comforting the people of Louisiana, Barack Hussein was warning state and local agencies about racial discrimination. Don’t let Whitey get none!

How much longer must we put up with this worthless asshole? The answer is 153 days, until January 20, 2017. Let us pray that Donald Trump will be inaugurated that same day.

Who said Barack Hussein has done nothing in eight years? Check this list of presidential firsts

I am sooooooo sick of the tired refrain that Barack Hussein has accomplished nothing in his presidency. Spending ten trillion dollars is hard work!

Wow! According to Egypt’s TV14 network, Obama secretly transferred eight billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, not the Egyptian Government

This is NOT just one more SNAFU by an incompetent leader. It is a deliberate, criminal attempt to pay terrorists bent upon the murder of every Jew on the planet.

A detailed look at the $400 million CASH payment (read: ransom) Barack Hussein had loaded onto a plane and flown to Tehran the same day our hostages were released

The Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran

VIDEO: Too alarming to NOT report! UN equipment moving across the US as Obama signs executive order permitting the UN and US military to use force against Americans on US soil

This presidential directive, permits, for the first time in history, the UN and the United States Armed Forces to use force against American citizens on US soil.

Barack Hussein’s Executive Order 13603 is scary as hell! Check it out….

THIS is what Hussein is shoving down the throats of We the People, and what we have voluntarily permitted to be forced upon our children, who will inherit this painfully depressing tyranny.

Barack Hussein went to Dallas to eulogize the five innocent police officers massacred Thursday night, but instead turned the event into a Black Lives Matter recruitment speech

Not surprisingly, President Obama used this “bully pulpit” to return to his favorite themes of racism, discrimination and police brutality. At one point, it really felt as though he was justifying the Dallas attack.

The priorities of Barack Hussein, explained in a single meme….

A snapshot of Barack Hussein’s agenda….

VIDEO: Channeling his inner Porky Pig, Barack Hussein becomes a stuttering fool again. He is simply lost without his teleprompter

Campaigning for his favorite criminal bobblehead, Barack Hussein thought he would show his lady-in-waiting how to ad lib before a group of trained seals brain-dead liberal wastes of flesh.

Mother of one murdered Obama gay lover speaks out. “There is more to the story. I do believe they are shielding somebody or protecting someone.”

I believe it is fairly well-known that Barack Hussein’s personal history is “fabulous,” if you know what I (cough, gay, cough) mean.

Wow! One of the guns used in Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix and is believed to be from the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious operation

One of the guns used in the Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally