By Thomas Madison

This is beyond unbelievable!

Iran is the most dangerous terrorist state on the planet. Barack Hussein just released $40 billion in frozen assets to the Islamic republic that vows daily to destroy Israel and the United States. They are also funding several terrorist organizations whose primary goal is to kill Jews and Christians.

As incredible as this sounds, Hussein added another $1.3 billion dollars in interest!

So, you have a criminally insane next door neighbor who has promised, on multiple occasions, to kill you. Isn’t this like buying him a shotgun for Christmas? Just sayin’!

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression that Barack Hussein is trying to bankrupt the United States, giving its money and resources to Muslim countries?

From Fox News:

“The US and Iran settling a long-time dispute with Iran over money frozen in place 35 years ago. The deal now releases $40 billion to Tehran.

Get this, they get another $1.3 billion from us in interest because of that civil financial litigation.

It was all part of a trust fund that was used by Iran to buy military equipment from us that got tied up in the courts.”