ISIS vows to behead Obama in revenge for the killing of ISIS senior leader Abu Sayyaf, posts graphic image online

By Thomas Madison ISIS is pissed! They vow to behead Barrack Hussein for killing one of their most decorated goathumpers, Abu Sayyaf. I say it’s BS. Hussein is the best friend they ever had. From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit […]

Barrack Hussein sent 3 officials to criminal Freddie Gray’s funeral. How many did he send to NYPD officer Brian Moore’s funeral? Zero!

From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit Priorities. Obama sent three White House officials to criminal Freddie Gray’s funeral. How many should we expect for decorated Officer Moore’s, murdered by a criminal? CNN reported: The White House sent Cabinet Secretary Broderick […]

Barack Hussein unveils his plan for federal takeover of state and local police departments

By Thomas Madison Does anyone trust the Obama administration to be fair and just? Only the naive and ignorant would come to that conclusion. Barack Hussein has shown enough of his racial bias to conclude that any takeover of policing by […]

Barrack Hussein’s Kenyan family has completely disowned him

From Bradford Thomas, Truth Revolt According to reports, President Obama’s Kenyan family has now completely “disowned him.” The much-chronicled “complicated” relationship between Obama and his Kenyan family has reportedly utterly collapsed in the last few years, the family accusing him […]

At a recent lunch outing, Barrack Hussein took the opportunity to take a big dump on our Constitution, ordering a reporter to stop filming

By Thomas Madison During a lunch outing Wednesday at a cafe near the White House, Barrack Hussein, who stopped in for an unannounced visit, ordered Time Reporter Zeke Miller to stop filming him. Miller had been using his phone to […]

VIDEO: Buckwheat for President! Why not? How much worse can he do? From Buckwheat’s Greatest Hits – “Wookin Pa Nub”

By Thomas Madison So, Barrack Hussein can sing Al Green. OK, not so much. Giving it his best, including the Slick Willie “lower lip bite,” Hussein does his level best. His level best is really pretty sad. Hussein still can’t […]

Uncharacteristically, King Hussein accepts full responsibility for the drone strike that killed two hostages. Josh Earnest quickly denies it

By Thomas Madison In an uncharacteristic expression of accountability, Barrack Hussein accepted full responsibility for the drone strike that killed two innocent hostages in Pakistan in January. Obama’s admission having not been universally well accepted, White House Press Secretary Josh […]

Welcome to Obama’s Bizarro World! Obama admin may pay Iran up to $50 billion to sign a deal already stacked in their favor

By Thomas Madison Obama mouthpiece and State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf characteristically bobbed and weaved in yesterday’s State Department press briefing, refusing to answer directly when asked by multiple reporters the substance of a report that the Obama administration may […]

Barrack Hussein bestows another title upon himself – “Honorary Italian”

By Thomas Madison My understanding is that honorary titles are bestowed upon honorees by dignitaries with the proper credentials to bestow said honor. For example an honorary degree is awarded by a university president. Not so for King Hussein. He […]

VIDEO: Barrack Hussein insists that the nasty Republicans should give Michelle a fat paycheck. And the crowd went wild!

By Thomas Madison Barrack Hussein dazzled his (likely hand-picked) audience with the warm and fuzzy language of equal pay for women, apparently forgetting that his own administration is woefully negligent in this regard, paying male members of his administration much more […]

King Hussein took time in Panama to cuddle with a fellow communist dictator and to slam America…. AGAIN!

By Thomas Madison Barrack Hussein took the opportunity in Panama this week to practically suck face with another communist dictator, and to once again declare to the world what a piece of crap America is. Said The One: “There Are […]

Why should illegals get their feet wet? Obama is flying them in, plus giving them welfare, and we, the taxpayers, are paying for it

CONFIRMED: US Taxpayers Are Now Paying to Fly Illegals Into US (Video) Confirmed: Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for Illegals to Fly to US From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit A joint program between the State Department and the Department of […]

VIDEO: Barrack Hussein uses annual Easter Prayer Breakfast as another opportunity to slam Christians

By Thomas Madison At the annual Easter Prayer Breakfast Barrack Hussein used the forum as an opportunity to insult his audience of Christians. Said Barrack Hussein: “On Easter I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian I am supposed […]

Thomas Sowell on the catastrophic blunder Barrack Obama is about to make, clearing the path for Iran to annihilate Israel, as promised

By Thomas Madison Thomas Sowell is among my favorite writers, an “intellectual’s intellectual,” as Pamela Geller contends. His unquestioned patriotism (ex-Marine) and clarity of vision are spot on regarding Barrack Hussein’s colossal failure in securing the safety of America and […]

Arab leader to John McCain: “We believe it is more dangerous to be a friend of America’s than an enemy.” True! Thanks, Barrack!

Obama’s race to chaos From Michael Goodwin, New York Post If you’re confused about the Saudi Arabia-led air attacks against Islamist rebels in Yemen and can’t tell one group of head-choppers in Iraq and Syria from another, don’t despair. All […]

Former US Ambassador to Iraq on Obama’s Middle East policy: “We’re in God*amn free fall here!”

Obama’s Mideast ‘free fall’ Mounting chaos in the region puts the administration on the defensive. From Michael Crowley, Politico Barack Obama faces a slew of Middle East crises that some call the worst in a generation, as new chaos from […]

“By hook or by crook,” declares Barrack Hussein in regard to pushing his tyrannical agenda and presidential overreach

From Michael Cantrell, Young Conservatives Ever since taking office six years ago, President Obama has made it his life’s ambition to see how far he can stretch the limits of his constitutionally limited powers. We’ve seen him make all kinds […]

VIDEO: Will Obama abandon Israel in the UN, leaving it helpless and forced to appease Hamas terrorists? Scary! Sign the petition

From Jay Sekulow, Fox News President Obama is angry with Israeli voters for re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu, and he’s willing to risk the lives and security of Israeli citizens to show it. The State Department is reportedly considering reversing the decades-long […]

Tweet of the month: “Voting should be mandatory, says guy who missed over 300 roll call votes in his 4 years in the Senate”

By Thomas Madison Voting should be mandatory, says Barrack Hussein. Let’s see, what could possibly be the motive for such an anti-American idea? Well, it would make voter fraud much easier, but no, that couldn’t be it. Barrack Hussein would never engage […]

VIDEO – NC State basketball player: “What the f*ck is wrong with Barrack Obama? I’ve been asking the same question for 6 years!

By Thomas Madison Everyone knows that Barrack Hussein loves basketball. In fact, while the last US servicemembers were being literally chased out of Yemen by Al Qaeda on Friday, Hussein was busy watching the NCAA tournament, and somehow finding time […]

Wow! Priorities. Al Qaeda chases fleeing US troops out of Yemen as Obama spends the day playing golf and watching basketball.

US TROOPS FLEE YEMEN QUAGMIRE – Obama Spends Day Golfing, Watching B-Ball From Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit President Obama cheers on the Princeton women during their win over Green Bay #MarchMadness — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 21, […]

Still refuse to believe that Obama is anti-Israel? His admin fails to renew 40-year old emergency oil supply pact guaranteeing them oil

By Thomas Madison In 1975 Israel agreed to sign the original agreement with the United States guaranteeing that the US would supply Israel with oil during emergency or wartime circumstances should oil not be available from their regular commercial sources. […]

VIDEO: Jon Voight laying down some truth on Obama and his anti-Israel everything

By Thomas Madison Probably better known as the father of Angelina Jolie than being an accomplished, Oscar-winning actor himself, Jon Voight is also a staunch conservative and patriot. In this video he slams Obama for being the Israel-hating incompetent that […]

Here come da’ judge! Wow! Judge Hanen is REALLY pissed now! Orders Obama’s legal team to appear before him to explain their lies

BREAKING: What The Judge Who Blocked Amnesty Order Just Did Could Blow Up Obama’s Plan This could expose a big lie told to the court… From Norvell Rose, Western Journalism The federal judge in Texas who blocked President Obama’s executive […]

Here come da’ judge! Awesome! Judge Hanen just ordered an investigation into Obama’s illegal activities

From Steven Ahle, Red Statements U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen is not amused.  The man who served Obama with an injunction preventing his illegal amnesty plans to see that Obama is not amused either.  He has ordered that the administration […]

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