Finally! Congress is moving to do something they should have done years ago. At least they are finally doing the right thing!

By Thomas Madison I received this message Saturday in an email from Colonel Harry Riley, organizer of Operation American Spring. I was asked to not publish it until this morning. Finally! This week the US House of Representatives will establish […]

FINALLY! Articles of impeachment being presented against Barack Hussein for 48 crimes against America. About damned time!

By Thomas Madison I don’t know whether to do cartwheels or yawn. Cartwheels because I am ecstatic to see this being done, seven years late, but at least being done, or yawn because the Republicans seem to be as much in […]

Impeach Obama NOW! 4-star admiral: “Congress must act to preserve and protect the country by initiating impeachment proceedings.”

OBAMA’S PARIS NO-SHOW, SNUBBING SISI’S REFORMS: TWO MESSAGES TO THE MUSLIM WORLD By ADMIRAL JAMES A. “ACE” LYONS, via Breitbart Symbols matter throughout the world, but no more so than in the Middle East. So President Obama’s no-show in Paris, […]

Obama hires ace criminal defense attorney as his new White House Counsel. Who is he afraid of?

By Thomas Madison But, but, but…. I thought King Hussein was the best attorney since the beginning of recorded time. In fact I thought King Hussein was the best at everything since the beginning of recorded time. Don’t take my […]

Tea Party calls for impeachment: “It’s Time to Frog March Obama Out of Office”

(Tea Party) – Disgraceful and disingenuous are only two of the words that come to mind to describe the outrageous and anti-constitutional actions of the man who was supposed to bring hope and change to America. Instead, he has only […]

Two scenarios – 1: Obama resigns. 2: Obama is impeached. No other scenarios.

Let’s get the show on the road! From Donald Joy, Clash Daily Shazam! I recently wrote of an impending “Democrat bloodbath” in the mid-term elections, but even I didn’t expect the wild and complete revolution that just took place across […]