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Awesome video produced by President Trump especially for Kim Jong-un who was shown the video at the Singapore summit

Kim Jong-un spent a great deal of time in Singapore before the summit simply sightseeing like any tourist, no doubt enjoying and absorbing all that is possible in a free society. This firsthand experience with the joy and beauty of liberty cannot be diminished.

VIDEO: In 1999 Citizen Trump was preparing for tomorrow’s historic summit with Kim Jong-un. Prophetic interviews with Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer

Watch the prophetic videos below as Citizen Trump is interviewed by Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer, both of whom make ridiculous presumptions that we couldn’t conduct preemptive strikes against North Korea twenty years ago. Of course, we could, and we should have!

So far, the discussions between US and N. Korea “have gone better than expected” as President Trump and Kim Jong-un prepare for Tuesday summit

This is nothing less than a diplomatic bit of brilliance and a huge success on the part of President Trump and Mike Pompeo and most certainly a win-win for Kim Jong-un, who stands to finally bring North Korea into the family of nations and the 21st Century.

WINNING! Kim Jung-un, to demonstrate his sincerity, is holding a dismantling ‘ceremony’ of his nuclear test site ahead of the Trump-Kim summit

I’m not saying that Kim coming to heel so unexpectedly happened this way, but stick with me for a minute and just suppose. Suppose that Kim’s sudden and seemingly inexplicable taming was the result of President Trump pushing his pleasure buttons.

WINNING! Trump scores again! North Korea has released three American prisoners as a show of good faith prior to the Trump/Kim summit

With big, fat, victorious developments (Trump victories) occurring at the rate of two or three a day, it is hard to keep up! How are the Democrats going to put a negative spin on this one?

VIDEO: After assessing several locations for the historic Trump/Kim Jong-un meeting, the exact spot has been confirmed

It is hard to describe and express in words alone the monumentally historic events that are occurring today in North and South Korea in regard to the peace and unity the two formerly hostile neighbors have agreed to and are intent upon making permanent.

Liberal weenies are jumping off of buildings from sea to shining sea as South Korean Foreign Minister credits Trump for the taming of Kim Jong-un

Like Barack Hussein telling business owners, “You didn’t build that,” liberal weenies from sea to shining sea are claiming that President Trump had NOTHING to do with Kim Jong-un’s’s sudden taming, which is creating a peaceful Korean peninsula for the first time in 70 years.

North Korean nuclear test site has collapsed, creating a massive radioactive ‘chimney,’ potentially leaking dangerous levels of radiation into the atmosphere

After five powerful nuclear tests at the Hermit Kingdom’s primary mountain test site, the site has collapsed, believed to be the result of massive earthquakes in the region which have been attributed to the nuclear tests themselves.

Preparing for President Trump’s upcoming meeting with Kim Jong-un, CIA Director Mike Pompeo met secretly with Kim Jong-un Easter weekend

Greasing the skids for President Trump’s upcoming meeting with Kim Jong-un, CIA Director/Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo met secretly with the leader of the Hermit Kingdom over Easter weekend.

Wow! Kim Jong Un not only wants to talk. He is already planning a US embassy in Pyongyang. The world is changing for the better in a hurry

Any plan to unify must include massive support from the US, South Korea, China, and Japan, and a pledge to modernize the backward country agriculturally, industrially, and in every other way to bring it and its people into the 21st Century. Kim may be crazy, but he isn’t stupid. His options are very limited and he knows it.

Video, 1999: Citizen Trump tells Tim Russert how he would handle North Korea. Fast forward 19 years, that is exactly how he is doing it

Clinton, Bush and Obama were like the kid in school who gave his lunch money to the bully every day to keep the bully from beating him up. Then, on the last day of school, the bully takes the kid’s lunch money as usual, then beats the crap out of him for being a wimp.

You are not hallucinating! CNN just admitted North Korea victory makes President Trump a “great president…. There’s no way around that”

Yeah, I know, just when you think you have the world figured out, CNN executes a high-speed reversal and declares that president will go down in history as a “great president.” 

Historic news! Kim Jong Un requests meeting with President Trump. Trump agrees, accomplishing what no other president could

Just short of a naval blockade, President Trump’s drastic sanctions have caused Kim’s cash reserve to begin drying up and he is ready to talk about an end to the Hermit Kingdom. Reunification of the Korean peninsula is finally within sight. As President Reagan reunited Europe, so too is President reuniting Asia.

The Trump sanctions are having an effect. Kim Jong Un is crying uncle, promising peace, denuclearization, and renewed unification efforts

Due to the crippling effects of President Trump’s newest sanctions against North Korea and its cash reserves drying up rapidly, Kim Jong Un is crying uncle, suddenly promising peace, denuclearization, and renewed efforts toward reunification with South Korea.

Experts recommend preemptive nuclear strike against N. Korea, warn Congress that the very real threat of an EMP attack would kill 90% of Americans

Two electromagnetic pulse (EMP) experts warned Congress on Thursday that North Korea is capable of executing an EMP attack over the United States which would send the U.S. back to the stone age and would lead to the deaths of 90% of all Americans within one year.

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