Photo, above: Two of the cockroaches suspected in the gang-rape

By Thomas Madison

An armed (imagine that!) group of young punks gang-raped an 18-year old girl in a New York City park, ordering her father to leave the area, which he did, allowing his daughter to be gang-raped.

As horrible a scenario as this is, I have a question. As the father of three daughters I have considered the father’s predicament carefully. At first I thought, ‘No way I leave. I die right there, if necessary.’ That was my heart doing the thinking.

Then my brain chimed in, ‘It was his only chance. Get to a phone and get help from the police as quickly as possible,’ which is what he did. The said part is by that time his daughter had been scarred for life in a horrible way.

Now, let me offer a third scenario. Just suppose the proud papa had been packing. Just suppose that he was one of those crazed gun-clingers who never goes anywhere without his piece, . Now suppose that the cockroaches did what they do and demanded papa to vacate the area while they took turns with his daughter. Now suppose papa whips it out and exterminates said cockroaches. Poetic justice, yes?

Still think the Second Amendment is bullshit?!

H/T New York Post and PIX11 News