Watching CNN Sunday, Jerry Lee Lewis discovered that he is dead, and he was none too happy about it (as evidenced in the photo, above) since he is still breathing.

Apparently, CNN had a 12-year old manning the Sunday news desk, which is a decided step up from the lying-ass talking heads we are used to seeing on the Cable Fake News Network. To be kind, the poor kid was not exactly Google-proficient.

Any post-pubescent American knows the difference between Jerry Lewis, the comedian, and Jerry Lee Lewis, the singer. Jerry Lewis, the comedian, is the dead guy.

Maybe CNN should stick to simpler news, like the current date and time. Anything more complicated is apparently beyond their journalistic skill level.

Somewhere, the real Jerry Lewis is laughing his ass off.

scanned from still pohotgraphs provided by Jerry Lewis Films Inc via Distributor Gregg Barson Mansfield Avenue Productions