No matter the response from President Trump or Sarah Sanders or Trump aides or even other White House correspondents, Jim Acosta can’t seem to understand that he is in the White House at the pleasure of the very man he is constantly annoying by shouting questions at inappropriate times, “gotcha” questions that never have anything to do with whatever event is underway at the moment, be it a visiting head of state or a press conference on any given topic.

Shouting questions about Russian collusion a few days ago to President Trump who was holding a press conference with an Italian dignitary, Acosta was shouted down by Trump aides and ordered to leave the room.

Yet, Acosta persists, apparently believing that he has the right to demand answers wherever and whenever he wants and he gets to choose the topic.

Watch the video, below, as Acosta is accosted, pun intended, by a crowd of thousands who shout over the purveyor of fake news, “CNN SUCKS!”