CNN is erecting a 30-foot bronze statue of President Trump in front of their Atlanta headquarters.

OK, they’re not that over-the-top crazy in love with the president who heretofore they loved to hate, but the Clinton News Network’s shocking reversal in the tone of their coverage of the president is a pleasant mystery.

For the second time today, a CNN anchor has praised President Trump for his accomplishments.

CNN anchor Erin Burnett praised President Trump in an article we published earlier today, declaring that he is a “great president” for his monumental success in taming North Korea.

Now, anchor Alisyn Camerota, interviewing liberal weenie Senator Blumenthal, recounted a list President Trump’s greatest accomplishments to date.

Determined to make himself look like a total asshat, which is what Democrat senators do best, Blumenthal proceeded to give the credit for Trump’s successes to Barack Hussein.