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VIDEO: Wow! CNN tacitly agrees with man who says Scalise shooter wasn’t “evil,” just tired of Trump’s politics

THIS is the narrative that the left wants to plant in your head…. “The guy wasn’t evil. Donald Trump is the evil one, and this guy was just tired of Trump’s evil and took action.”

VIDEO: Cable Fake News Network (CFNN), aka CNN, stages fake Muslim news event in London

CNN doesn’t report news, they manufacture it. They believe news is much more interesting if they prepare it for you the way they like it and jam it down your throat with a big stick. Yum, right?

VIDEO: Kid photo bomb’s White House Easter Egg Roll, calling CNN “fake news”

Watch CNN’s smug commentators reporting on the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll. In the center of the screen off Jim Acosta’s right shoulder. He is clearly mouthing the words, “fake news.”

VIDEO: Fake news alert! CNN is the fake news king. Here is a short compilation

It’s almost as if CNN is being paid by the Democrat Party and its backers. Nah, that would never happen…. right?

Hilarious video: Watch CNN host’s profanity-laced tirade over President Trump. He can’t stop himself!

The sweetest byproduct of Making America Great Again is watching liberal weenies absolutely lose their minds over President Trump’s America First policies.

VIDEO: Cannibal forces CNN reporter to eat human brain tissue after he threatens to behead him

A visibly shaken Aslan muttered to his crew, “I feel like this may have been a mistake.” He then drank an alcoholic drink from a human skull, before eating what he was told was human brain.

VIDEO: Former AG makes fake news CNN airhead look like a fool for suggesting President Trump is guilty of treason

Mukasey rightly reminds Burnett that speaking to Russians is not a crime, even if there was any evidence that that was done, which there isn’t.

BOOM! Judge rules in favor of hospital CEO in lawsuit against Fake News, Inc., aka CNN, for defamation. Here is hoping the judgement is YUGE!

Fake news purveyor CNN has lost a court fight to have a defamation lawsuit dismissed. The suit was brought by a former Florida hospital CEO who alleges that CNN lied (imagine that!).

Bwahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa! CNN cuts Bernie Sanders off, pretending they lost him, when he calls CNN “fake news.” The libs can’t seem to shake the label they created

The most hilarious part of this whole “fake news” comedy is that it was begun by Barack Hussein and his flying monkeys. Now the label has stuck to them, they can’t shake it, and I am laughing my ass off!

CNN puts words in Trump’s mouth: Adds ‘racial’ to his comment about need for profiling

CNN added the word “racial” to Donald Trump‘s Monday comments on terrorism and immigration

Trump supporters organized a boycott of CNN from July 1 to August 14 as a protest against the biased coverage of their candidate. Let’s check in to see how it went

Trump supporters organized a boycott of CNN from July 1 to August 14 as a protest to the horrendously biased coverage against their candidate. Here are the results.

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