Barack Hussein gave us the term “fake news,” which he attempted to hang around the necks of alt. journalists (right-wing bloggers), like yours truly and sites like Powdered Wig, the only real places to find honest reporting these days.

President Trump has since coopted the term “fake news” and uses it regularly in reference to the mainstream media, especially CNN.

Thus, CNN, now known widely as America’s premier “fake news” source, wants to ban the term, lest it drive them completely out of business, a comforting thought.

Watch the following very short videos of CNN getting hammered as “fake news” by President Trump and photo bombers. The last video is CNN’s Brian Stelter interviewing an “expert” who wants to ban the term “fake news.”

In the following video, President Trump calls Jim Acosta and CNN “fake news.” Watch the smiles on faces of the men behind him. One even applauds.

LOL! Man on the street in Manhattan photo bombs CNN shoot walking behind Anderson Cooper and continuously shouting, “CNN is fake news! Anderson Cooper is fake news!”

Watch as a kid photobombs Acosta and CNN, calling them “fake news” at the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll. Even kids now know CNN by its more popular name.

Now, watch as CNN trots out an “alleged” misinformation expert (that means CNN paid her to lie), Claire Wardle, who says it is time to get rid of the phrase “fake news,” a position CNN obviously and enthusiastically supports.