Everyone knows that Fox News is the king of cable news programming. So, how does CNN compare?

Not very well. In fact, the worst ever. Apparently, bashing the President of the United States 24/7 is getting old with American consumers of cable news, and bashing the president 24/7 appears to be all CNN is about. They even find a way to club the president with their weather reports.

CNN was -27 percent in total prime time viewers, and -23 percent in total day viewers versus the comparable week in 2017, according to Adweek. It was still a top 10 (as in #10) basic cable network for the week in total viewers, and ranked No. 17 among adults 25-54 in prime time.

The Clinton News Network spent the week of February 12-18 in the proverbial ratings toilet, ranking tenth among prime time viewers and checking in between Investigation Discovery and Home and Garden TV, and well behind Nickelodeon among total viewers. Not kidding! Kiddie Cartoons are far more popular than the Clinton News Network.

One has to wonder how bad off CNN would be if it weren’t for the TVs in airports, fast food joints, and doctors’ waiting rooms.

No worries, though. I don’t believe the Corrupt News Network relies heavily on advertising revenue anyway. It is my belief that a fair portion of the network’s revenue comes from fat cat Democrat donors like Soros. I don’t know how else to explain reporting so unfairly partisan.

Total Viewers (Prime Time)

  1. Fox News (2,283,000)
  2. TNT (2,107,000)
  3. NBCSN (2,073,000)
  4. MSNBC (1,753,000)
  5. USA (1,394,000)

Total Viewers

  1. Fox News (1,402,000)
  2. NBCSN (1,185,000)
  3. MSNBC (986,000)
  4. Nickelodeon (901,000)
  5. TNT (764,000)