Jim Acosta is at it again, shouting “gotcha” questions at President Trump at the most inappropriate times, most recently at the White House Easter Egg Roll where the president was coloring with his family and small children attending the event.

Demanding to know why President Trump killed DACA, which was actually killed by Democrats in Congress, Acosta was relentless, drawing the ire of Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, who suggested that Acosta’s constant outbursts justify pulling his press credentials. Many fellow journalists have also had enough of Jim Acosta and his embarrassing demands to be the center of attention.

Hiding behind the First Amendment and invoking what he believes is his constitutional right to shout questions at the president and even repeat the same question someone else has just asked to embarrass the Trump administration is standard modus operandi for fake news CNN’s White House correspondent.

Responding to Parscale’s scolding tweet, Acosta replied that he was only exercising his First Amendment right and that Parscale should read the First Amendment.

No more than screaming “FIRE!” in a crowded theater does Acosta have a right, First Amendment or otherwise, to disrupt a White House social event. I suggest it is Acosta who needs the constitutional lesson.

President Trump has been more than gracious putting up with Acosta’s regular outbursts. Were I the president, I would ban him from the White House and advise CNN that they have one opportunity to send a replacement. If Acosta’s replacement also insists on dominating press conferences and even social White House events, I would let the fake news network understand, in no uncertain terms, that not only will Acosta’s replacement be banned, but the entire network. Membership in the White House Press Corps is a privilege, not a right. Members and their correspondents serve at the president’s pleasure and can be removed at any time for any reason.

More outbursts and tantrums from fake news CNN’s White House Correspondent….

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President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta should be stripped of his press credentials for trolling the president when he was interacting with children during the WH Easter egg roll.

“I think the White House should pull his credentials because he yelled questions, as he continues to do at inappropriate times, while the President was coloring books with children,” Parscale tweeted. “Disrespectful, and would have never been allowed previously.”

jim acosta brad parscale

Parscale double-downed on an earlier tweet, when he said Acosta’s press credentials should be suspended for his disrespectful behavior. Acosta has a long track record of shouting out of turn at White House press briefings and other events.

“Maybe it is time for Jim Acosta to get a suspension for breaking protocol,” Parscale tweeted. “He continues to embarrass himself and CNN. Pull his credentials for each incident.”

There’s no doubt that sometimes a reporter has to shout in order to be heard, but the inappropriate timing of Acosta’s latest outburst has raised eyebrows. Besides, the grandstanding CNN pundit yelled during a quiet moment when he did not need to raise his voice (see video below).

The brouhaha erupted on the White House lawn, when President Trump was coloring books with children who were enjoying the annual Easter egg roll.

That’s when Acosta yelled out during a moment of silence: “Mr. President, what about the DACA kids? Should they worry about what’s going to happen to them? Didn’t you kill DACA?”

President Trump, who was surrounded by a sea of little kids, just ignored him. The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson captured Acosta’s outburst in a Twitter video.

Amid heavy backlash for his rude and inappropriate behavior, Jim Acosta defended himself by claiming he was “just doing my job. Which is protected by the First Amendment of The Constitution. You might want to give it a read.”


This is not the first time that Acosta has tried to hijack a White House event in his desperate bid to become the day’s viral YouTube sensation.

In June 2017, Acosta played the “You-Ignored-Me” card when he accused WH press secretary Sarah Sanders of not calling on him even though there were many other media outlets at the press briefing besides CNN.

In December, Sanders shut Acosta down when he repeatedly interrupted her as she was trying to reply to his question. Like other mainstream media personalities, Acosta has dramatically raised his profile by attacking President Trump and his aides.

jim acosta huma abedin

Jim Acosta excitedly posted this Twitter photo with Hillary comrade Huma Abedin.

Many people asked when CNN or any other media outlet rudely shouted out questions to the president of United States when he was coloring with children at an Easter egg roll.