And CNN wonders why it is being clobbered in the ratings by reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons.

No sooner had the House Intelligence Committee announced its findings of no collusion between President Trump and Russia in their year-long investigation, than the left and their official communications bureau, aka the mainstream media, went into full frontal attack mode.

CNN contributor Phil Mudd (great name, evoking the ageless quip, “full-o-shit.”), summoning his most righteous indignation, blasted the Committee’s conclusion.

No evidence was found. That’s what the Committee said. Mudd is not happy with that. He insists the Committee continue investigating until they find something, anything, even if they have to invent it. Charge President Trump with having his dinner salad with Russian dressing. That’s impeachable, right?

Let’s examine and destroy Phullo Mudd’s partisan rant one point at a time, shall we?

“Can you tell me why? Why they say that? They just told us that they conducted an investigation, including interviews, where the interviewees chose not to answer questions. How the heck can they say they got to the bottom of this when they didn’t interview people because people came to the table and said, ‘we’re not answering?'”

The witnesses pleaded the Fifth, Phullo. Congress can’t waterboard witnesses. One flaw I see in our Constitution is that our founders gave Congress the authority to investigate but not prosecute. That’s a serious flaw and has led to a few joke investigations by Congress. With no prosecutorial power of its own, all Congress can do is refer charges to DOJ. Do you recall how well that worked out under Holder and Lynch?

Whether by legislative action or Constitutional amendment, I believe Congress should be given limited prosecutorial power so that its investigations aren’t a charade. A parking ticket is more severe punishment than a Contempt of Congress charge.

“Their responsibility was not to represent party, Democrat or Republican, but to represent people. How do we protect the next election?”

Repeal the 26th Amendment. Make the minimum voting age 25. Scrap all hackable electronic voting machines and ballot counters. Return to paper ballots only. Ballot counting should be conducted at the precinct level in the presence of representatives of both parties who verify by signature that the counting was not tampered with. The counting should be live streamed to any and all voters who would like to witness their democracy in action. This will go a long way toward ending voter fraud, which is a far more pressing problem than Russian meddling.

“The last 30 minutes, Wolf, you give me one sentence where somebody spoke about how they’re going to protect us instead of saying this is why the other party did something wrong. If this report were written on toilet paper, I wouldn’t stoop to wipe my ass with it. These people owe us more and they gave us less. That’s what I see, Wolf. That’s it.”

The Committee did EXACTLY what the Committee was charged with doing. It investigated as far as its own investigative powers would allow and they found no evidence of collusion. Period! The Committee can’t give you more if there is no more to give.

The most amazing takeaway from Mudd’s tirade is that liberal weenies actually understand the concept and purpose of toilet paper.