How screwed up can we possibly become? Always pushing the envelope, CNN is doing all it can to get us there.

Validating the widespread criticism of its waaaaaaay left, progressive programming while proving why its ratings are in the toilet, the brilliant minds at CNN decided to celebrate Father’s Day by featuring a mother who wants to be a father.

To make the story even more sensational and confusing, the transgender man, Sabastion Sparks, is married to a transgender woman, Angela Sparks. Not kidding, a man who believes he’s a woman married a woman who believes she’s a man, and they have parented a child that they somehow correctly identify as their son.

May God grant the young BOY the wisdom to see his parents for what they are, simply weird and confused, and bless him with as normal a life as is possible under the circumstances.

Imagine the young man inviting a friend over to play and introducing his parents. “This is my mom and dad. I’m not sure which is which. It is very confusing.”

I suggest CNN immediately schedule an intense curriculum in elementary human biology training for its production staff and on-air personalities. NO story that begins with “He gave birth” is a valid and factually accurate story. It is fiction, not news.

Men and women may cut themselves up and take massive amounts of hormones to look like the opposite sex, but they will always be the gender they were born as. Nothing will change that.