“And I want to thank everybody for being here,” President Trump said, cueing an end to the press conference and signaling it is time for the press to leave the room.

CNN’s Jim Acosta has a problem following instructions and has a problem with President Trump. He simply refuses to follow the President’s order to leave the room.

As Acosta began to badger the President, refusing to leave without an answer, he asked, “Mr. President, did you say want more people to come in from Norway?”

President Trump respectfully replied, “I want them to come in from everywhere.”

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Not good enough for Acosta, who continued his race-baiting. insinuating the President only wants white people to immigrate to America. “Just Caucasians or white countries, sir?”

President Trump, not disrespectfully, pointed to Acosta and said, “out.”

This will not get better for President Trump until he puts his foot down. It will not surprise me in the least to hear Acosta ask, “Mr. President, do you regret saying that black people aren’t very smart and eat too much fried chicken? Do you regret saying that, sir?”

Of course, President Trump never said any such thing and has been commended by black organizations on numerous occasions over the decades for his assistance in helping the black community.

But, to an asshat like Acosta, the true racist, lying is just part of the game. He is charged with an agenda by his CNN superiors to make President Trump look bad. He is not charged with objective news reporting.

CNN is a classless operation. President Trump should inform Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, who is clearly driving the anti-Trump agenda, that Acosta is being banned from the White House, effective immediately, and CNN has one more opportunity to send an objective, unbiased White House correspondent to Washington. Should that correspondent continue with the Trump-hate agenda, he or she will also be banned as well as the entire network.

Until President Trump puts his foot down, this is only going to get worse.