Video compilation: In his 50-minute farewell speech, Narcissist-in-Chief Barack Hussein mentioned himself 79 times. Go away, already!

During his roughly 50-minute speech, lame duck Hussein mentioned himself 79 times, proving that clearly the past eight years has been about himself, not the American people.

Check out these delusions of grandeur from Barack Hussein, who actually believes he has been a great president

Barack Hussein has lived in a self-built bubble of delusion for eight years. He actually believes that he has been a great president. Somewhere Jimmy Carter is laughing his ass off.

Arrogant Barack Hussein: “The question is whether he [Netanyahu] will sleep better after January 20th.” Yes, Hussein! The entire free world will sleep better!

Asked if Israel can expect any more surprises before January 20, Obama avoided the question, saying that “the question is whether he [Netanyahu] will sleep better after January 20th.”

VIDEO: Black radio show host Larry Elder blasts Barack Hussein for the misery he has inflicted on We the People of all colors the past eight years

Whether he inflicted that misery by accident or by design, Hussein will be remembered as the worst president in American history, without a close second, and for that Jimmy Carter is grateful.

Barack Hussein will get one last post-inauguration ride on Air Force One. Where is he going? Why, on vacation, of course!

“We’re going someplace warm. See ya.” Sounds like Hawaii, a frequent vacation destination of the Obama family, but who knows? Who cares! Just go away already!

Welcome to our world! Wringing their hands, Obama and Clinton operatives struggle to find new jobs

Completely out of touch for the past eight years, Democrats are now getting a taste of the medicine they have been pouring down the throats of We the People since the coronation of Barack Hussein.

Proving Trump is right, Barack Hussein is building a nice, secure wall around his $5 million DC rental

Whether it is an epiphany or standard liberal hypocrisy, Barrack Hussein gets it. He is proving Trump right, that a wall can provide real security. And you thought he was stupid.

Here is your legacy, Barack Hussein…. TOTAL INCOMPETENCE AND FAILURE!

The Democrat Party, or what is left of it, is all about preserving Barack Hussein’s legacy. It’s like putting whipped cream on a steaming pile of doggie doo.

Putin is laughing at Barack Hussein’s childish behavior, and punking him royally

After Barack Hussein’s provocative maneuver to embarrass Russia by deporting 35 of its diplomats for hacking the election, which actually never happened, Vladimir Putin is seeing through the bullshit. He is laughing at Hussein and punking him royally by announcing […]

Mainstream media, stop your damned lying! The Russians did NOT hack our election, and you know it!

The Democrat Party, led by Barack Hussein, is imploding, and I love it! THAT is your legacy, Hussein. You have made the Republican Party stronger than ever. Nice job!

Whiny-ass loser Barack Hussein is working overtime to preemptively sabotage Donald Trump’s administration

From deporting Russian diplomats to leading a campaign in the feckless UN to punish and condemn Israel, butthurt Barack is showing his true whiny-ass, petulant colors.

Barack Hussein is giving 35 Russian diplomats 72 hours to be out of the country. Still butthurt over the election, whiny baby is looking for anyone to blame

You have three weeks left to cause as much damage as you can, Barack. Go for it! It will all be reversed by the REAL man who is about to take your place. Go the hell away!

VIDEO: Classic Barack Hussein: “To realize the promise of the UN, the US must give up freedoms”

Our Fraud-in-Chief will not be satisfied until the per capita income and standard of living of Zimbabwe and the United States are equalized. And he is saying this right to your face.

Barack Hussein has one last slap to the face of Israel and Netanyahu. Many believe it is the official US recognition of an independent state of Palestine

The global political grapevine is abuzz with speculation, anticipating one final Barack Hussein slap to the face of Netanyahu and Israel, and wondering what form it will take.

VIDEO: Merry Christmas and a big “FU” from Barack Hussein, who quietly and cowardly signed into law what may be a death blow to Powdered Wig and sites like it

Merry Christmas and a big “FU” from Barack Hussein, who quietly and cowardly on Friday signed into law a clear attempt to kill Powdered Wig and sites like it in the alt media.

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