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Muslim purchase of a 143-acre youth education facility in Pennsylvania has locals on the warpath

The locals in Shenango Township, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh, are on the warpath over the purchase of the local Youth Development Center by a Muslim education consulting firm

Cultural suicide underway in Italy as they continue to accept shiploads of destitute migrants daily

With nearly 10,000 arrivals in one recent three-day period, the number of migrants in 2017 exceeded 60,000 — 48% more than the same period last year, when they were 40,000.

Austria has outlawed burkas

Women who will wear Islamic veils – either the burqa or the niqab – in public places, will face a fine of €150 ($168).

Czechia joins Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in defying EU, refusing entry to migrants

Common sense is prevailing in central Europe with the Czech Republic now announcing that is joining Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in denying entry to migrants.

Choosing suicide. Europe’s struggle with political correctness

Europe has two options – get its collective head out of its collective ass or die! It is that simple.

66,000 Islamic extremists (probable terrorists) are now in just four European countries, with more arriving daily

With the defeat of populists Marine LePen and Geert Wilders, it appears the European people simply don’t get it. The Muslim is right in their faces and they can’t see it.

THIS is why England is in such terrible trouble! Teachers denied 10-year-old water on the hottest day of the year to avoid upsetting Muslim students

Brits are dying regularly at the hands of an ideology that uses liberal British political correctness as a weapon against the people of the island kingdom who still somehow don’t seem to get it.

Flowers and candles and teddy bears, oh my! The stupidity of Europe’s response to another massacre of its people in the name of Islam

The too-good-for-their-own-good Brits are answering the latest massacre of their children in the name of Islam with flowers and candles and teddy bears. Not kidding!

VIDEO: Polish PM slams EU for Muslim problem- “Rise from your knees or you will be crying over your children every day.” Poland will not be “blackmailed”

“We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elite. Where are you headed, Europe? Rise from your knees and from your lethargy or you will be crying over your children every day.”

VIDEO: Muslim no-go zones are now in the heart of Paris. No women, no infidels allowed

Europe’s leftist leaders are so out-of-touch, their heads so stuck in the sand, that they will still not admit that there are no-go zones scattered across their continent.

Swedish leaders finally submit completely to Islam

“To hell with our citizens,” Swedish leaders seem to be saying. “Let’s bend over backward for our Muslim invaders, lest we labeled ‘racists’.”

Imam visiting Denmark is openly preaching for the killing of all Jews, and Danes are shocked. Really?

Most Europeans appear to be totally blind to the danger of Islam and the Muslim invasion that is underway, choking their culturally rich continent to death. They simply cannot see it.

Germany is now confiscating private homes to house Muslim migrants

Hamburg is confiscating residential properties from owners, renovating them to house Muslim migrants, and charging the owners for the renovation. Not kidding!

7,000 Africans made it to Europe over Easter weekend as the Muslim invasion heats up

With bleeding heart liberals in charge of most of the nations of Europe who have opened their countries’ borders to all who want to enter, the Muslim invasion has been building to a crescendo.

VIDEO: Once “The City of Light,” Paris is now “The City on Fire,” as police fight to save it from total destruction

Now The City of Light is a city on fire. Uncontrolled immigration by Muslim “refugees” has led to total chaos, no-go zones where non-Muslim Parisians dare not enter, constant lawless turmoil, rioting, and dangerous streets ablaze.

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