Does this look like a white supremacist? MSM wants you to believe she is. She is actually a FL schoolteacher sick of the MSM lies regarding the “religion of peace”

The mainstream media is in a dilemma. What to do when a black woman verbally attacks Islam on twitter? Oh, I know! don’t identify the attacker as black, call her a white supremacist. Readers will presume she is a snow-white, rebel-flag-toting, pickup-driving redneck.

VIDEO: Thanks for the mammaries! Two feminazis crash a Muslim conference with predictable results

Islam is predictable. We all know that. Feminazis are not very smart. We all know that. So, what happens when the two cultures clash? The feminazis get the crap beaten out of them. They may have even been raped if they weren’t so repulsive.

Pope on dope! Pope Frank defends the religion of peace on the anniversary of 9/11. “Muslim terrorism does not exist.” Really?

Pope Frank somehow separates the body of Islam from the minority of Muslims who actually cut people’s heads off and fly jetliners into skyscrapers, all in the name of Islam! The 9/11 hijackers weren’t Mormons shouting, “Joseph Smith rules!” They were Muslims screaming, “Allahu Akbar!”

Heartbreaking Romeo and Juliet story from Pakistan. A young couple eloped only to be executed by their families, per the orders of the tribal elders

Now, this! Again, from Pakistan, a tribal council (jirga) condemned a couple to be executed for eloping to be married. The marriage was approved by both of the lovers’ families, but the tribal elders objected and warned them not to go through with it.

Called the most dangerous professor in America, California prof calls for violent Muslim uprising in the US

As reported by Israel National News, University of California’s Hatem Bazian, co-founder of the anti-Israel Students for Justice in Palestine, has been calling for intifada in the United States

Controversial Muslim school in Britain where child died and books say husbands can beat their wives is taken over by the Government

When will they learn? Multiculturism is simply impossible for an unbending culture like Islam. There is no assimilation into host cultures. There is only Islam.

VIDEO: Muslim incitor Linda Sarsour tells Muslims “no need to assimilate” and advocates jihad against President Trump

Linda Sarsour seems to get away with that and much more on a routine basis. “No need to assimilate,” declares Sarsour at a convention of the Islamic Society of North America.

President Trump ends long-standing tradition of White House observance of Ramadan feast

The Trump White House has ended the long tradition of the past three administrations of the observance of the Ramadan feast, Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Palestinian foreign policy can be described in a single word…. “LIES!”

WE must learn to combat the Muslim strategy of lying. We cannot expect Muslims to alter their game. That would be naive and stupid, and exactly what they expect.

Muslim “Female Genital Mutilation” is alive and well, even in the United States

Muslims defend FGM on religious grounds and believe that they should be exempt from Western law and permitted to continue the barbaric practice.

Muslim logic: How dare Israeli police officers shoot terrorists armed with knives and a submachine gun and prevent them from killing more Jews?

For many Palestinians, the three terrorists who murdered the young woman, Hadas Malka, are “heroes” and “martyrs” who will be rewarded by Allah in Paradise.

VIDEO: WOW! Watch Tucker Carlson shut down his interview of this Muslim woman when she says this

Rightly, Carlson challenges her, asking for examples of things Muslims can say in “safe spaces” that they cannot say anywhere they please under First Amendment protection.

Muslims are said to be irate over what may be coming to a mosque near you

This is a great idea, but you would think we would already be doing this. Heck, we should have cameras in every room in mosques and 24/7 (government) security monitoring the activities there.

Imam visiting Denmark is openly preaching for the killing of all Jews, and Danes are shocked. Really?

Most Europeans appear to be totally blind to the danger of Islam and the Muslim invasion that is underway, choking their culturally rich continent to death. They simply cannot see it.

VIDEO: Watch this irate dad slap down the local school board for shoving Islam down his son’s throat

Watch this irate dad, Christopher Wyrick of San Diego, read the riot act to the local school board for denying Christianity in the classroom while shoving Islam down his son’s throat.

Gross, fat sow advertises that she will gladly have sex with any and all refugees. Talk about hard up!

She can’t find an American willing to have sex with her, so she will be delighted to hook up with men used to goats as sex partners. Personally, I would prefer a goat to this farm animal.

VIDEO: Imam curses Jews and Christians in front of President Trump

With President Trump sitting in the front row at an interfaith service, Saturday, January 21, watch this Muslim Imam curse Jews and Christians.

VIDEO: Muslim born in Britain explains why Muslims hate Jews, and how he broke the legacy of hatred

Mosques are led by preachers of hate, violence, and jihad, and ordinary Muslims, even those born in free and prosperous countries, believe the hatred and lies the imams preach.

Olympic Islamic supremecist stages a mock beheading, and apparently thinks it is funny

Too soon, Ibtihaj, which I believe is Arabic for “idiot.” It may be funny to you, but there are several billion infidels who are very much offended by your offhand joke, including yours truly.

VIDEO: Hey, Europe, listen to Brigitte Gabriel, who lived throught it, as she presents a history lesson on what happens when a civilized society invites Muslims into their country

Europeans, please watch this video and pay close attention. THIS is where you are heading if you do not convince your governments to cut the politically correct “open borders” nonsense.

VIDEO: Bibi Netanyahu reacts with horror over the video of a Palestinian father encouraging Israeli soldiers to kill his 4-year old son

All of the above are completely incompatible with civilized society. I don’t believe Muslim culture will EVER be compatible with western, civilized culture.

VIDEO: Muslim March for America expects 100,000 to participate. Total flop! A few dozen show up

This is just one more Muslim crybaby whinefest to spotlight the gross misperception that it is they, the poor persecuted Muslims, who are being targeted. Forget about the chopping off of heads

VIDEO: Here is the lowdown on “Islamophobia,” the popular oxymoron parroted by liberals and Islamapologists everywhere defines “phobia” as an irrational fear, which would make “Islamophobia” an oxymoron since it is completely rational.

An historical record of Muslim violence against the civilized world, and a personal anecdote

By Thomas Madison Planned domination is not a new concept in Islam. The civilized world, especially Europe, has been fighting this menace for centuries, and many millions of innocent people have died as a result. Powdered Wig contributor, Joe LaVeque, […]

Terrorist attack rocks Jakarta, Indonesia. Seven dead, and counting. Rhetorical question – are the odds in favor of this being an attack by Islamic scumbags?

From IBN Live # Indonesian President Joko Widodo says situation under control and calls for people to remain calm. # According to Indonesian police, the area where the attacks took place have been secured. Indonesia has been on edge over […]

VIDEO: Here come da’ judge! Jeanine Pirro pile drives Philly mayor over his moronic claim Islam had nothing to do with cop ambush

Photo, above H/T Free Republic I published an article on this incident shortly after it happened. Link…. Philly cop ambushed!

What?! Las Vegas police are conducting a manhunt for a man who placed raw bacon on the doorknob of a mosque. What’s the charge?

By Thomas Madison You can get away with anything in Vegas. Illicit sex, gambling, prostitution, you name it! But the one horrific crime that will get the authorities riled up enough to conduct an exhaustive manhunt for the perpetrator is […]

Believe it or not! House Democrats sponsor a bill to make “hateful rhetoric” towards Muslims illegal. So long, First Amendment!

By Thomas Madison As if their isn’t enough lunacy inside the beltway, check out this unconstitutional stool sample proposed by the assclowns on the left side of the congressional aisle (House). They are calling this violation of our Constitution H.Res.569 – […]

His most royal hiney of Saudi Arabia, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has pledged his $32 billion fortune to the spread of Islam in the West

By Thomas Madison Fresh off a hearty lunch at an Italian restaurant, where he and his posse “liberated” the tablecloths as a prank, and are proudly wearing them around town as hats, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the 34th richest man […]

Ted the Nugent has some depressing news for Muslims. Allah doesn’t want you because you are cluelessly contaminated with pig parts!

By Thomas Madison No 72 virgins for you, Abdul! Ted Nugent has three pure loves – raging rock and roll, hunting, and America. The rebel Rock and Roller, avid hunter, and stone-cold patriot makes an interesting point. Muslims are going […]