Remember when President Trump implied that things are not so peaceful in Sweden due to the unchecked invasion of Muslim migrants who are overrunning the country?

Remember the left calling President Trump a liar for saying there was a terroristic attack in Sweden, something he never said, making them the liars, and declaring that it is ridiculous to even imply that Muslim migrants are causing problems in Sweden?

Powdered Wig has been reporting for over three years on the criminal chaos in Sweden at the hands of its Muslim guests, making Sweden the rape capital of the world. Women in Sweden are terrified to go out alone.

Now this story from Speisa (below) involving four migrants from the Middle East or North Africa who murdered a Swedish couple, slitting the woman’s throat, then laughing about it after they were arrested.

But, don’t bother covering this, mainstream media. It is counter to your narrative and your agenda. Also, check links to other Swedish horror stories by Powdered Wig below the Speisa article.

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According to Speisa, a double murder in Hallonbergen on Tuesday, was carried out to silence a witness before a trial. One of the victims, a woman, had her throat cut, said a police source to Nyheter Idag.

– The carotid artery was cut off on both sides of the neck of the woman.

– It was [email protected] brutal. Both dead were stabbed. The woman in the apartment had her throat cut. When the police came to the scene they opened fire at a person. He sat beside the man and stabbed with a knife when police fired at him, but missed, said the source.

The murdered couple were the parents of small children. According to reports in the media who have spoken with sources within the police, murder can be a way to silence witnesses before a trial. The reports state that there may be a link to an earlier murder in Stockholm, where one of the parents may have been a witness.

“They sat and laughed”

Just an hour after the double murder, police arrested four people. Two young men, 20 and 21 years old. The other two boys, 15 and 16 years old. The 15-year-old boy was released after questioning. Prosecutors Olof Calmvik tells Aftonbladet that the suspicions against the 15-year-old was weakened after questioning.

When the boys were arrested, they showed absolutely no remorse or understanding of what had happened, explains the source in the police to Nyheter Idag.

– They were very stoned when they were brought in. They sat and laughed and were really stoned. It turns one’s stomach when you know they are out on the streets again in a maximum of two years.

According to Aftonbladet’s sources, the perpetrators are good friends of two people who are detained for the murder where the now murdered father should have been a witness. The four culprits police have arrested, are linked to the same area in northern Stockholm.

– All have non-Western names. I know that one is African. I think the rest have a background in the Middle East or North Africa, said the source.