Donald Trump has already been elected…. in Britain. Trump supported and advocated Brexit, the British referendum which passed, resulting in the United Kingdom leaving the overbearing and liberal European Union.

Trump might be even more popular in the UK than he is in America, due to his nationalist/populist platform, and specifically for his anti-radical Islam rhetoric and (should he be elected) policies.

The following video portrays what Brits are going through in their own country, a Muslim takeover. London now has not only a Muslim mayor, but a man who many claim is a radical Islamist himself. The Muslim population in London is exploding. The most common name for a male newborn in London is not John or James. It is Mohammed.

After viewing the video, check the twitter exchange between a Brit and an American, the Brit pleading with Americans to elect Donald Trump, who he sees as a savior against worldwide Islamic domination.