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Geert Wilders has been making a name for himself for quite a while, mostly as an avid opponent of the Islamization of Europe, a program that is alive and well in Europe and receiving much support from leftist European leaders like Angela Merkel, who has all but completely destroyed Germany.

Wilders finds himself in the lead to become the next Dutch Prime Minister. If elected, he has vowed to stop Muslim immigration and push for Nexit, The Netherlands’ exit from the European, which Wilders blames for European crisis of Muslim invasion. The majority of Dutch citizens are behind him.

Wilders has spoken at several of Pamela Geller’s events. Pamela is also a famous anti-Islamist.

From Sunday Express

THE front-runner to become the next Dutch Prime Minister has vowed to ban the Koran and to close all mosques in the country.

Geert Wilders has vowed to ban the Koran if he becomes Dutch PM
Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), called for the total “de-Islamification” in a controversial manifesto posted online.The far-right MP, who has previously compared the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, also vowed to put an end to immigration from Islamic countries.He would also close all Islamic schools and asylum centres, and ban Muslim women from wearing the headscarf in public, if elected prime minister next year.
Mr Wilders unveiled the manifesto ahead of the Netherlands’ parliamentarian elections in March.The PVV currently leads the pack in almost every opinion poll amid growing anger at the Dutch government’s handling of the refugee crisis.It is on course to take 35 seats in the 150-seat Dutch Parliament, about 10 seats more than the ruling Liberal party, led by prime minister Mark Rutte.
Mr Wilders also wants to stop immigration from Islamic countries
Sybrand van Haersma Buma, leader of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party, branded Mr Wilders’ plans “utterly bizarre and unbelievable”.He added: “The programme will further polarise Dutch society.”
The PVV currently leads the pack in almost every opinion poll.
Mr Wilders last month said he was “proud” of his tough stance on Islam after claiming the Netherlands “can’t take any more” refugees from Syria and Iraq.The outspoken leader added: “I also don’t have a problem with people from Slovakia and Lithuania. But I do have a problem with immigration from Islamic countries.”The EU leaves us no freedom to determine our own immigration and asylum laws. That’s why leaving the EU is necessary.”Read more….