Dearborn, Michigan is a majority-Muslim city. It’s City Council is also majority-Muslim. It’s unofficial nickname has become “Dearbornistan.”

The first two and a half minutes of the video, below, is “religion of peace” shtick. Then the other side of the story, reality, begins to be told.

At 2:35 the Christian persecution underway in Dearborn becomes evident. A police officer is forcing a group of Christians to leave a public event because Muslims want them to. Although they protest, the Christians eventually leave peacefully, having been pelted with rocks and bricks and bottles by a Muslim mob that followed them around the event, hurling invective and debris every step of the way.

Listen as one of the protesters asks the police officer evicting them from the public event, “Why don’t you get us a bullpen that we asked for in the email?”

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The officer responds, “OK, well that’s a free speech zone and the Chamber of Commerce decided that they did not want any free speech zones.”

What!? I have two things to say about that….

  1. The police in Dearborn take their orders from the Chamber of Commerce? Really? That’s hilarious! No wonder Dearborn is FUBAR (old Army acronym for “fucked up beyond all recognition”).
  2. Both the Chamber of Commerce (LOL! Still can’t get over that) and the entire police department need a mandatory course in our Constitution. If they contact me, I will teach it myself. By constitutional guarantee there is only one free speech zone in America. It stretches from sea to shining sea, every square inch, including Dearborn!

Admittedly, my favorite part of the video is around the 1:45 mark when two poor, aggrieved Muslims suggest leaving America when Donald Trump is elected.

What a bonus! The Donald isn’t even on the job yet and already he is cleaning house!