H/T Inlet Marsh

We all knew in our hearts where the touchy-feely, leftist, multicultural experiment in Europe was going to lead. Well, we are there now and it is not pretty.

Muslim hordes are taking over large parts of Europe, creating havoc with their lawless anarchy. Powdered Wig has published many articles on this phenomenon over the past three years, fully recognizing where it would take us. We are there now, and it will get much worse before it gets better. Is there any hope left that the continent of Europe is salvageable?

We the People of the United States must pay close attention to what is happening across Europe.

In the video, below, Paul Joseph Watson points out the turmoil underway in France where there is a political battle to continue the leftist establishment policies that have created the crisis, pitched against a movement to follow a populist route (Marine Le Pen), a route the United States chose when it elected Donald Trump and Great Britain chose when it elected to exit the European Union, largely a protest to the Muslim invasion.