H/T George Kern
The King of Sarcasm Pat Condell holds nothing back as he blasts the Muslim horde invading Europe and his beloved Britain. I’ve seen many of Pat’s videos, but I’ve never seen him quite this pissed off!

“This video is for all you third world criminals who are flooding into Europe illegally by pretending to be refugees. You can watch it on the smart phones that you all seem to have with you. It’s just to let you know that everybody knows you are mostly able bodied fighting age men, thousands of whom are pretending to be children because you don’t have a shred of honour, dignity, or shame between you. We know that you are not, in fact, refugees at all, but illegal invaders, opportunists and predators, and that your disgusting behaviour is making things much worse for genuine refugees, who are not nearly as welcome here any more, thanks to you. We also know that the American people dodged a bullet recently when they had the good sense to elect a president who will keep you, and barbarians like you, out of their country. However, having said all that, you won’t get any trouble from us here in Europe. You see, we’re multicultural. We’re afraid to breathe too hard in case it makes us racist. So you can come here and crap all over our values and laugh at us, and we won’t say a word. We’re so self-consciously, decadently progressive that we’ve chosen to pretend that all cultures are equal, even backward, uncivilised ones like yours.

Everyone in Sweden is so terrified of being a racist, you can do what you like. You can gang rape a woman in a wheelchair for hours, as happened just recently, and the police will let you go because they’re not convinced that she fought back hard enough, what with being paralysed with shock and fear and all. And then when local people get angry about this, leftists and feminists will organise a demonstration against their racism. You can’t lose.

You’ve blown it, boys. You’ve blown it big time. You’ve revealed yourselves to the civilised world. You’ve shown us exactly who and what you are. And now I’m afraid you’ll have to excuse us for despising who and what you are. Which is why we will not be dragged down to your level. Some will, of course, because, thanks to you, there are plenty of angry people in Europe more than willing to take to the streets and deal with you violent scumbags in the only language you seem to understand. But most of us will use our democracy (a civilised concept that you animals wouldn’t understand) to remove the treacherous cowardly politicians who have allowed you to poison our society half to death, and to elect people who will change the law to something resembling sanity, so that it’s no longer possible for activist judges to let predatory scum like you remain on European soil for any reason whatsoever. And then you’ll find out how welcome you are when your worthless criminal arses are swiftly deported right back to that moral cesspit that you crawled out of, with or without documentation, never to be allowed back into Europe again. And stuff your goddamned human rights. With all due respect.”

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