H/T Joe LaVeque

More love and gratitude from the religion of peace. Such warm and wonderful people.

A Muslim deli owner in Buffalo has been arrested and is being held on $2,000,000 bail for welfare fraud. That is some serious welfare fraud!

Ahmed al Shami, 37, has been charged with criminal possession of Public Benefit Cards, criminal use of a public benefit card, and misuse of food stamps. In addition he has been charged with stealing kitchen cabinets and other fixtures from a vacant rental house.

He has been purchasing EBT cards in cash for half their value and using the cards to purchase stock for his store.

Leaving the courtroom where al Shami was arraigned, his wife and daughter looked directly into the TV cameras, throwing up their middle fingers and asking, “You happy now? F*ck you all. F*ck you, America!”

What I don’t understand is EBT cards are for retail use. It seems like it would be the same or cheaper for him to buy his stock legitimately from a wholesaler, even if the retailer is big box. Whatever!