Have you heard about the Muslim March for America? Yeah, I didn’t think so. According to Al Jazeera, event organizers were hoping to attract about 100,000 participants.

Billed as a protest against Islamic extremism, event organizer, Khaled al-Mufti, declared, via Al Jazeera, “We were motivated to take action after San Bernardino. We wanted to denounce ISIS as an ideology that claims to be representative of Islam, but it’s not. That’s not the religion we practise. We want to make it loud and clear to all the world: This is not Islam.”

Sounds good so far, right? Now hear the fine print in Mufti’s proclamation. The event is much more about those “affected by the recent surge in hostility towards minorities. The rhetoric going on in the presidential campaigns is creating an atmosphere of bigotry (a poke at Donald Trump). This is not only towards Muslim, but also towards immigrant communities (trying to get Hispanics to join the cause). We therefore wanted to provide a platform for everyone to speak about those issues.”


Wait a minute. What!? This is just one more Muslim crybaby whinefest to spotlight the gross misperception that it is they, the poor persecuted Muslims, who are being targeted. Forget about the chopping off of heads, the drownings, those thrown from the tops of tall buildings, innocent people burned to death, bombed, machine gunned, raped, tortured. Nah, that is just those silly ISIS guys, you know, boys being boys. The real horror to the crybabies is Donald Trump taking a stand against the evil, as well as the millions of Americans who are seeking a safe and secure future for their children, one free of the scourge of Islamist extremism.

The good news is only a few dozen people showed up and no one was beheaded.

March for America – Orlando Strong from American Islam on Vimeo.